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Taurox - TaurImmune Fatigue - 13.5 ml

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Taurox - TaurImmune Fatigue - 13.5 ml

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A homeopathic immune optimizer.*
*Results May Vary
Made by Taurox
*Results May Vary

Taurox TaurImmune Fatigue

Natural Fatigue Remedy - Natural Fatigue Treatment

TaurImmune Fatigue is a homeopathic immune optimizer containing trillions of therapeutic molecules per dose.  It is for immune support and help with moderate to severe fatigue due to illness or other conditions.  TaurImmune is considered "adaptive" because it optimizes immune responses rather than stimulating them.  It is not an acute stimulant; it does not contain caffeine or herbal stimulants.

TaurImmune Fatigue contains seven homeopathic ingredients that in combination help most persons achieve the desired responses.  It is designed to complement, not replace standard medical therapies.

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Briefly shake TaurImmune Fatigue bottle before using.

Adults: Place 10-12 drops under your tongue daily, preferably early in the day, or as directed by a health professional. You might get the full benefit from a smaller dose, so you might try half or even fewer drops.

Squeeze the dropper very gently, just enough to get the drops.

It may be difficult to count the drops in your mouth. Try putting the drops in a spoon first. Or, you may notice that this is about 40% of the dropper height, so you can use this estimate instead of counting drops precisely.

Drops can be taken all at the same time or throughout the day, preferably at least 6 hours prior to bedtime. Leave the drops in your mouth for 30-60 seconds before swallowing. Do not eat or drink 5 minutes before or after use.

For children under 15 years of age, ask your doctor. Do not use with immunosuppressive agents, if you have had an organ transplant, or if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

After 1-3 weeks you may wish to adjust the dose. If you find that a larger dose works better for you, it will last for fewer than 30 days.


Active Ingredients: At 6X (14%), 12X (0.15%), 30X (0.14%) unless otherwise indicated. Abies nigra, Aloe socotrina, Arnica Montana, Cactus grandiflora, Lycopodium clavatum, Tauroxicum (Taurox™), Calc carb 8X (14%), 12X (0.15%), 30X (0.14%).

Inactive Ingredients: 20% alcohol, purified water.

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June posted on 1/21/2013
I tried this befroe & really helped.. Different than 5Hr Energy....Wish it wasn't quite so expensive or gave discount for buying more than one..Thanks Earth Turns

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