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Sprayology - Man Power - 41ml

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Sprayology - Man Power - 41ml
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Improves Sexual Desire in Men*
*Results May Vary
Made by Sprayology
*Results May Vary

Sprayology Man Power

Man Power - Improved Sexual Desire

Benefits of Man Power

  • Helps improve sexual desire
  • Helps boost energy
  • Improves muscular weakness
  • All natural - homeopathic
  • Easy spray
  • Made in USA
Sprayology Man Power helps boost mood and energy. As a man you can fall prey to weakness of muscle and stamina that can affect more than just your strength but your vitality and sexual desire too.

Boosts Mood and Energy - Homeopathic Revitalizing Spray

Man Power targets:

  • Low energy and mood
  • Poor strength
  • Low libido and sexual vitality

Sprayology Man Power - Combat Physical and Mental Fatigue

These symptoms of fatigue are combated using:
  • Orchitinum (Testicular Extract), Argentum Nitricum and Nuphar Luteum (European Pond) - Stimulate the erogenous zones leading to an increase in desire and performance
  • Korean Ginseng - well known for increasing vitality and improving sexual enjoyment
  • Lactuca Virosa and Damiana (Turnera Aphrodisiaca) - calm the nerves to help relieve impotency
  • Pancreatinum - helps balance pancreatic function, supporting the endocrine system
  • Pituitarum and Arnica Montana (Leopard's Bane) - revitalize and invigorate muscles
  • Agnus Castus (Chaste Tree) and Caladium - improve sexual performance
  • Acidum Phosphoricum (Phosphoric Acid) - helps induce positive feelings
As with all homeopathic remedies, Sprayology Man Power is FDA-regulated. Man Power is made in America in a facility that is subject to stringent FDA standards.
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For adult males only: 2 sprays under the tongue 3 times per day.

If Pregnant or nursing a baby, consult a health care professional before using. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not use if transparent seal around the spray bottle is broken or missing.


Active Ingredients

Agnus 3X, Arg nit 30C, Arnica montana 3X, Caladium 6X, Damiana 2X, Korean ginseng 1X, Lactuca 3X, Nuphar 1X, Orchitinum 6X, Phosphoricum ac 200C.

Inactive Ingredients

Glycerin 10% v/v, Organic Alcohol 9% v/v, Purified Water.

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