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Velvet Deer Antler Extract

Velvet Deer Antler - Deer Antler Extract

Pure Deer Antler Supplement

There's so much confusion about deer antler extract. Whatever you call it, antler velvet, velvet deer antler extract or velvet antler extract, one thing is for sure, Pure Factors and Pure IGF contains pure deer antler extract from the deer velvet tips.

What is Velvet Deer Antler?

A velvet deer antler is living tissue that grows and regenerates at an astonishingly rapid rate. The factors that are scientifically responsible for the growth and regeneration of these phenomenons explain the powerful health benefits of deer antler extract.

The first documented usage of velvet deer antlers dates back to over two thousand years ago in the Hunan Province of China where a silk scroll was discovered with over fifty diseases for which velvet antler was administered. The entire cartilaginous antler is humanly removed near the base after it is about two-thirds of its potential full size and before calcification sets in. The bulls are not harmed during the removal of the antlers and sometimes grow a small antler pair to replace the one taken off. If there is no re-growth, the antler base still exists and that “button” will shed early the following year when the antlers would have shed anyway and a whole new set of antlers will begin to grow.

To make a deer velvet supplement, a lot of deer antler extract is needed. The majority of the world's velvet deer antler supply comes from New Zealand where harvesting takes place from March to July. During these four months, the antlers grow at an astounding rate. This makes removal an optimum time to ensure maximum health benefits from the deer velvet supplement. Processing of the velvet deer antler is regulated by the New Zealand Government's Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry to guarantee strict hygienic standards. Furthermore, only veterinarians and specially certified farmers are licensed to remove velvet antler under a meticulous mandatory system that is endorsed by the New Zealand National Welfare Advisory Committee and the New Zealand Veterinary Association.

When you want to buy velvet antler extract, make sure that the deer velvet supplement you buy is made in America to assure quality and safety.
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