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Valerian Root Supplements

Stress and anxiety can affect anybody at anytime. Unfortunately, these ailments affect some people a lot more than others. Many people turn to prescription drugs for solace, but these can cause unwanted side effects, like fatigue or grogginess. One of the best natural ways to fight anxiety and stress is with a valerian root supplement. Valerian supplements support healthy brain function, and this can help the mind and body to cope with anxiety and stress. A valerian supplement may also offer help with sleeping at night without producing fatigue during the day.

Valerian Root Benefits

Valerian root has a long history of use. It was used by the ancient Greeks, and Hippocrates recommended it to help with sleep disorders. It also has historical use in English folk medicine, and it was even consumed by Native Americans for help with earaches. More recently it was used during WWI and WWII to help fight war time stress and anxiety.

Today research has shown that valerian root can have a wonderful affect on the brain that can help to reduce the feelings of anxiety. Valerian root works within the brain to support the function of GABA. GABA is gamma amino butyric acid, and it acts similarly to neurotransmitters. GABA is an essential chemical for the brain, because it helps to calm and slow down nerve activity. GABA is used by the brain to help reduce the occurrence of over stimulation. When the brain is over stimulated the feelings of stress and anxiety can set in, and studies have shown that people who frequently suffer from panic attack have low levels of GABA.

By helping to reduce over stimulation within the brain, a valerian root supplement may also make it easier to fall asleep. Prescription drugs that fight stress and anxiety can have a number of negative side effects, and it can be hard to find a good natural way to fight anxiety. A valerian root supplement could be the perfect way to help you naturally fight anxiety. Valerian supplements are also frequently used to help with sleeping. They are a great way to promote sleep, because they don't cause unwanted fatigue.

If you find yourself frequently suffering from stress, anxiety, or poor sleeping habits, try one of these great valerian root supplements.
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