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St. John's Wort

St. John's Wort Supplements

Depression is a common ailment that millions of people deal with. It can cause intense feelings of sadness and lead to a negative view of the world. Even worse is the affects that antidepressant medications can have. Many people choose not to deal with the negative aspects of antidepressants, and instead battle depression on their own. A St. Johns wort supplement can be a great natural way to help depression, and it may work within the brain to naturally increase serotonin levels. Many people also find that St. John's wort can offer help with anxiety and also reduce stress.

Benefits of St John's Wort

If you find yourself frequently succumbing to depression or anxiety, a St. John's wort supplement could help. St John's wort is a great way to help fight depression, because it may help to naturally increase serotonin levels. There are numerous neurotransmitters within the brain that carry out various functions, and one of the main functions of serotonin is to support a good mood.

Benefits of Serotonin

It is believed that those who suffer from depression frequently have low serotonin levels, so it could offer great support for depression. Serotonin also supports a relaxed mind state, and it may help to fight anxiety.

St. John's wort supplements may also be beneficial to the brains GABA receptors. Gamma amino butyric acid is used within the brain to help calm nerve activity, so it may help with anxiety. Supplements that support healthy GABA function are among the most widely used for anxiety, because they generally don't cause fatigue or drowsiness. By supporting GABA function, a St. John's wort may also help with the negative aspects that accompany stress.

If you find yourself constantly dealing with depression but are unwilling to take antidepressant medications, a St. Johns wort supplement might help to fight depression. St. John's wort supplements may help to improve serotonin levels, and this may promote a positive mood. In addition, St. John's wort may help with anxiety by supporting GABA receptors. One of these St. Johns wort supplements might be exactly what you need to fight your depression and anxiety.

Please Note: You should always discuss using a natural product instead of medication with your doctor. Your decision to use a natural depression remedy should be an informed decision and you should consider your doctors advice.
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