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Red Yeast Rice

Red Yeast Rice Extract

Many Americans deal with high cholesterol on a daily basis, and they are prescribed medications to help lower cholesterol. These cholesterol medications frequently have negative reactions with other medications, and the side effects can be uncomfortable and detrimental to the body. Red yeast rice extract is one of the best natural ways to help with high cholesterol. It has been used for over a thousand years, and it may also help to support the digestive process. Red yeast rice is an underutilized nutrient, and its effects could be beneficial for millions.

Red Yeast Rice Benefits

Red yeast rice has a long and storied history as a natural cholesterol remedy. It is believed to have been initially used as a remedy around 800 AD during the Tang dynasty in China. It became even more popular during the Ming dynasty when it was used to help with digestion and cardiovascular ailments - which is very similar to how it is used today.

Red yeast rice is so good for the body, because it contains the monacolins, which can be found in some of the prescription cholesterol drugs that many use today. Red yeast rice is a natural and safe way to help lower cholesterol.

The Science Behind Red Yeast Rice Extract

Many people consume diets that are high in cholesterol, and this can quickly harm and damage the cardiovascular system. Cholesterol creates a sticky plaque that can cause blockages in the arteries. The monacolins in red yeast rice extract, specifically monacolin K, may help to reduce the stickiness of cholesterol by hindering HMG-CoA reductase. HMG-CoA reductase is what makes the plaque sticky, so by inhibiting HMG-CoA reductase red yeast rice helps to reduce cholesterols ability to stick to the artery walls. This may help to keep the arteries clear and the blood flowing properly.

Some also believe that red yeast rice may help to improve blood circulation. This could help to improve oxygenation, but more research is needed to verify red yeast rice's effects on circulation.

Red Yeast Rice Extract and Digestion

Digestive problems can be painful and cause discomfort. The body relies on proper digestion to process all the nutrients that the body consumes. When digestion doesn't function properly stomach upset, diarrhea, or constipation can occur. The Chinese have long used red yeast rice to help to soothe stomach during times of upset. It may help with indigestion, and many acupuncturists use red yeast rice to support digestion and proper liver function.

Red yeast rice has been used for generations upon generations in China. Its use dates back to over a 1000 years ago, and today there are many people that could benefit from red yeast rice, but they simply don't know about it. Red yeast rice extract may help with high cholesterol, and it may also help to soothe an upset stomach. Whether you struggle with high cholesterol or digestive problems a red yeast rice supplement could be just what you need!

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