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Minerals in MultiMineral Supplement

There are several minerals that are combined in various forms to make up a good multimineral dietary supplement. These are needed to support the biochemical processes in the body. Many of these play a role as electrolytes and in cellular function.

Important Mineral Supplements

Calcium - necessary for proper heart, muscle, and digestive system function. Also helps to build bone and neutralize acidity.
  • Magnesium - is a required mineral for processing Adenosine-5'-triphosphate, or ATP, which is necessary for cellular energy. Magnesium also helps to build bones and increase alkalinity.
  • Phosphorus - another important component of bones and needed for increased energy.
  • Potassium - an important electrolyte. Also necessary in proper ATP function.

Important Trace Minerals

There are also many minerals that are required only in trace amounts. Cobalt is a needed trace mineral for the biosynthesis of vitamin B12.
  • Copper is a required constituent of many enzymes.
  • Iron is required for numerous proteins and enzymes, particularly hemoglobin.
  • Manganese is a cofactor in the function of many antioxidant enzymes.
  • Molybdenum is required for xanthine oxidase and related oxidases.
  • Selenium is required for proper antioxidant function in the body.
  • Zinc is needed throughout the body and required for several enzymes.
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