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Natural Glandular Concentrates - Natural Glandular Supplements

Glandular supplements are concentrates of raw animal glands and can help to address the imbalances of the metabolic organs in the body. The reason it is believed glandular concentrates help the body is the idea of like cells help like cells.

Importance of Glandular Supplement Therapy

Glandular therapy is the type of treatment used by naturopaths, chiropractors and other health professionals when they use whole animal tissues or glandular extracts of various organs. These glandular supplements are often used for health maintenance and the treatment of some health problems typically involving the glands of the body.

Glandular treatment with these supplements are tissue specific. For example, liver extracts will benefit the liver, adrenal extracts will benefit the adrenal glands, and so on. The current literature supports the concept that natural glandular supplements have important physiological functions and can improve imbalances in the body.

Organotherapy, as the treatment via glandular supplements eventually was called, began with the thyroid. In 1912, animal thyroid cells were injected into children suffering with an underactive thyroid and brought about amazing improvements. During the next few years, more positive results were reported and glandular therapy was born.
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