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Fiber Supplements

Fiber is an incredible nutrient that can support your body in a number of ways. Many people use fiber supplements to help support regular bowel movements, but it can also be used for other benefits.

Fiber supplements may help to lower cholesterol levels, increase insulin sensitivity, and support weight loss. Fiber helps to support regularity, and it may help with both constipation and diarrhea. It helps to add mass to the stool as well as soften it, and this may help to ease constipation.

Benefits of Fiber Supplements

Fiber supplements and insoluble fiber supplements may also helps to gather any excess water within the digestive tract, and this may reduce the occurrence of diarrhea. It may help to lower cholesterol levels by helping to block the absorption of cholesterol, and fiber may also help to remove bile that contains cholesterol from the body by binding to it.

Fiber and a high quality fiber supplement is also commonly used to help normalize blood sugar levels, because it is believed to increase insulin sensitivity. Fiber may also help those trying to lose weight by reducing appetite and food cravings. When fiber enters the digestive system it becomes bulky, and this can help to make the body to feel full. It also moves through the digestive tract very slowly, so the feeling of fullness lasts longer than a lot of other foods.

You may think that taking a fiber supplement only helps to support regular bowel movements, but it is a great nutrient that has a number of uses within the body. Fiber may help to support your cardiovascular system by helping the body to lower cholesterol levels, and it may also help to support healthy blood sugar levels.

Fiber may also promote a feeling of fullness, and this may help with weight loss.
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  1. Fiber Plex
    Douglas Laboratories - Fiber-Plex - 120 Capsules
    Fiber-Plex™ is a convenient dietary supplement designed to provide a unique combination of all major classes of naturally occurring dietary fiber.
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  2. Pure Encapsulations PureLean Fiber Powder
    Pure Encapsulations - PureLean Fiber - 343g Powder
    Powdered blend of prebiotics, plus soluble and insoluble fibers to promote weight management as part of a healthy lifestyle with a reduced-calorie diet and regular exercise
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