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DIM Supplements

Many people struggle to maintain a healthy hormonal balance as their body grows old. When the hormones become imbalanced a number of negative side effects can occur, and some of the most common are moodiness and a lack of sex drive. A DIM supplement may help to support hormonal balance, and it works particularly well with estrogen and testosterone.

DIM is diindolylmethane, and it is found in many of the vegetables that you consume. However it can be hard to consume beneficial amounts of DIM through diet alone, so DIM supplements can be important for some people.

More Benefits of a DIM Supplement

DIM supplements may help your body to support healthy estrogen metabolism and testosterone balance. It is important to support hormonal balance, especially between estrogen and testosterone.

Diindolylmethane works within the body to support a proper estrogen metabolism, and this is important, because estrogen can be broken down into metabolites that can harm the body and metabolites that are safe for the body. DIM helps to break estrogen down into the non harmful metabolites, and these metabolites may actually have some benefits for the body. They have been shown to possess antioxidant properties, and they may help to protect the body from free radicals. It is important to limit the amount of harmful estrogen metabolites in the body, because they can increase the risk of obesity, cause breast pain in women, lead to moodiness, and reduce male sex drive.

DIM Promotes Healthy Testosterone Levels

DIM also works to promote healthy testosterone levels, and this may help to promote a lean body mass. Cancer appears to be increasingly more common these days, but DIM may offer support. By helping to maintain a healthy balance between estrogen and testosterone within the body, it may help to reduce the risk of prostate and breast cancer. If you're having troubles adjusting to the hormone changes within your body diindolylmethane may provide some help. A DIM supplement may help to support a hormonal balance, and it may also support healthy estrogen metabolism.