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Cranberry Supplement

Cranberries and cranberry juice are a great source for vitamins and antioxidants, and various forms of cranberry have long been used to provide urinary tract support. It is nearly impossible to consume a beneficial amount of cranberries or cranberry juice without consuming too many calories and sugar, so a cranberry supplement is a great alternative. A cranberry supplement delivers your body with all the great benefits that cranberries have to offer, without the vast amounts of sugar and calories.

Benefits of Cranberry Supplements

Cranberry is an incredible nutrient for the urinary tract, and it offers urinary support in a couple of ways. It contains acids that help to increase the acidity of urine. This increase in acidity may help to cleanse the urinary tract, and help to remove any harmful agents. By flushing out the urinary tract it may help reduce the frequency of urinary tract infections. A good cranberry supplement also contains tannins and flavonoids that may help to reduce the ability of bacteria to stick to the lining of the urinary tract. When bacteria are able to bind to the urinary lining they frequently cause pain and inflammation, and this leads to the common symptoms of a urinary tract infection.

The cranberry is also a great source of antioxidants. Antioxidants support cellular health, because they fight free radicals. Free radicals attack healthy cells within the body, and can kill or damage them. Free radicals can lead to cancer, so antioxidants are important to the body. Earthturns has a number of great cranberry supplements.

Cranberry supplements can offer your body urinary support by helping to cleanse the urinary tract and hindering bacteria's ability to bind to the urinary lining. Cranberry is also a great source for antioxidants, and may help to support cellular health.
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  1. Solaray - D-Mannose with CranActin
    Solaray - D-Mannose with CranActin
    Promotes a normal, healthy urinary tract system. Learn More

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  2. Solaray - CranActin 400 mg
    Solaray - CranActin 400 mg - 120 Capsules
    Designed to help support urinary tract health. Learn More
    Your Price $18.29
  3. PureBiOme Cranberry
    Pure Encapsulations - PureBi·Ome Cranberry - 60 Capsules
    5-strain, proprietary probiotic blend with cranberry providing genitourinary support for men and women Learn More
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  4. Pure Encapsulations Cranberry/d-Mannose 180 Capsules
    Pure Encapsulations - Cranberry/d-Mannose
    Combines cranberry concentrate made from 100% cranberry fruit solids and d-mannose for time-tested, concentrated support of urinary tract health Learn More

    Starting at $46.70

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  5. Pure Encapsulations Cranberry NS 180 Capsules
    Pure Encapsulations - Cranberry NS
    Nutritionally supports urinary tract health without unwanted sugar Learn More

    Starting at $31.60

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  6. Cran Max
    Douglas Laboratories - Cran-Max - 60 Capsules
    Cran-Max capsules contain 500 mg of 100% whole cranberry fruit concentrated extract. Learn More
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  7. Crantrate Cranberry Concentrate Supplement
    DC Labs - Crantrate Cranberry Concentrate - 90 Softgels
    100% of 100
    Supports a Healthy Urinary Tract Learn More
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  8. Cran Forte Cranberry Concentrate
    DC Labs - Cran Forte (Cranberry, Vitamin C & Blueberry)
    Supports a Healthy Urinary Tract Learn More

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