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Berberine Supplements

For centuries people have used plants for their precious natural nutrients that can benefit the body. Some plants specialize in one aspect of health, while others can have a number of benefits. Berberine is plant chemical that can help to support your health in a number of ways. It is found in quite a few different plants, like goldenseal, and it can help to support your cardiovascular system, immune system, and brain. The use of berberine as a medicinal plant goes back to the Ayurvedic medicines that were commonly practiced in India. It was - and still is - widely used in China and other Asian countries, and it can have great benefits on the cardiovascular system. Berberine supplements contain berberine derived naturally from the plant.

Benefits of Berberine Supplements

Berberine can be helpful with fighting off heart disease, because it addresses many of the concerns that come along with heart disease. Berberine may help to lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels, and this can offer incredible cardiovascular support.

It may also help to promote healthy blood sugar levels. It works to help metabolize glucose, and often times diabetics notice an improvement in strength when supplementing with berberine. Berberine can also be beneficial for the brain. It helps by working to reduce the effects of oxidation and enzymes that can deteriorate the memory. Berberine may help to maintain a healthy blood flow within the brain by fighting lipids that can slow down blood flow.

Bacteria and other microbes constantly attack the body and can cause damage, but berberine may also help with these harmful agents. It helps to fight microbes of all kinds, and it works by hindering the microbes interaction with healthy cells. This helps to reduce the occurrence of infection, and it can be especially helpful for the throat, urinary tract, and intestines.

If you're looking for natural health support, berberine could be a good place to start. Its historical use and wide range of benefits puts it among the best ways to naturally promote health. It can be beneficial for the immune system and brain, and berberine also promotes the health of the cardiovascular system. By helping with blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides it may help to limit your risk of heart disease.
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  1. Free Shipping! Dr. Mercola - Berberine with MicroPQQ Advanced
    Dr. Mercola - Berberine with MicroPQQ Advanced
    Supports mitochondria and metabolic health.* Learn More

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  2. Free Shipping! Pure Encapsulations EndoLOX
    Pure Encapsulations - EndoLOX - 60 Capsules
    Offers support for vascular antioxidant status, lipoprotein metabolism and endothelial function Learn More
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  3. Free Shipping! Integrative Therapeutics - Para-Gard - 120 Capsules
    Integrative Therapeutics - Para-Gard
    Supports intestinal health Learn More

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  4. Free Shipping! Integrative Therapeutics - Berberine Complex - 90 Capsules
    Integrative Therapeutics - Berberine Complex - 90 Capsules
    Helps maintain a healthy intestinal tract Learn More
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  5. Free Shipping! Berberine Balance
    Douglas Laboratories - Berberine Balance - 60 Capsules
    Berberine Balance supplies berberine combined with alpha lipoic acid and grape seed extract. Learn More
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