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Natural Toothbrush

Natural Toothbrushes for Children and Adults

Everybody brushes their teeth. It's something that you do multiple times a day to maintain oral hygiene, but one of the best ways to promote even better oral hygiene is with a natural toothbrush. The benefits of a natural toothbrush are numerous. They effectively clean the mouth while remaining gentle on the gums, they are environmentally friendly, and they don't put you in contact with the potentially harmful chemicals commonly found in plastics.

More Benefits of Natural Toothbrushes

Many toothbrushes have hard and stiff bristles that can take weeks to break in. During this time they can scratch the gums, damage the teeth, and leave the mouth bloodied and beaten. Many toothbrush manufacturers know that these bristles are too stiff, so they round the edges to prevent damage. Natural toothbrushes use bristles from natural sources. These bristle are incredibly gentle on the mouth and gums, and they actually massage the gums.

Importance of Natural Bristles

Many natural bristles become softer when they are wet, so damage to the gums is greatly minimized. Although the bristles may be soft, natural bristles still properly clean and care for the teeth. A lot of people are also allergic to the synthetic nylon bristles, so natural bristles can offer a safe alternative.

Natural toothbrushes are also much better for the environment. Instead of synthetic plastics the handles are made out of wood, cellulose, or recycled rubber, and they are biodegradable. The bristles are commonly taken from animals in a cruelty free process, so the bristles come from a renewable resource. Switching to a natural toothbrush is a better alternative for the environment, but also for the public's health.

Natural toothbrushes don't contain potentially dangerous synthetic chemicals and ingredients. Bisphonol A, or BPA, is commonly found in many plastic products, and it is cause for health concern. BPA has become a hot button issue in recent years, and it is being extensively researched. Some research has shown that BPA may cause reproductive issues, and it may also create a "leaky guy." A "leaky guy" is when small holes grow in the intestines, and BPA has also been tied to an increase in heart disease. So, always use a BPA-Free toothbrush.

Using a natural toothbrush ensures that the body won't come into contact with this potentially damaging chemical. If you take steps to maintain the environment and your health there really is no reason that you shouldn't be using a natural toothbrush. Natural toothbrushes are environmentally friendly, and they don't contain any harmful chemicals that can be found in plastic products. In addition, they are gentle on your gums and teeth, while still keeping them clean and healthy.