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Tooth Oil

All-Natural Toothpaste Alternative

Ever since 1997, the U.S. government has required toothpaste manufacturers to print poison labels on their tubes due to the inclusion of fluoride. Even so-called non-toxic toothpaste brands contain chalk and other ingredients that are unnecessarily harsh to your gums and tooth enamel. Tooth oil, on the other hand, presents a natural, safe alternative to abrasive toothpastes.

Try OraMD Tooth Oil!

Natural tooth oil is the safest & most effective alternative to the toxic toothpaste on the market!

The Benefits of Natural Tooth Oil: Natural Toothpaste Alternative

  • NO toxic chemicals
  • NO harsh abrasives
  • Proven formula
  • Proprietary blend of great-tasting peppermint, spearmint & almond oils
  • Continues to work after brushing and keeps breath fresh for hours
  • Helps to fight cavities & remove plaque
  • Natural anti-bacterial action fights bleeding gums, gingivitis & gum disease
  • Essential oil for tooth pain

All-Natural Ingredients

OraMD is made in America of all-natural ingredients and will replace all chemical-based mouthwash and sugar-laden breath mints. Keep your breath fresh naturally! Tooth oil is safe to swallow after brushing to soothe throat and alimentary canal.

This peppermint oil for tooth pain is also wonderful for fighting acid reflux, heartburn, and other gastric problems.

Take the Tooth Oil Challenge!
Begin to use Natural Tooth Oil exclusively for the next 60 days, then try to use your regular toothpaste brand. See if you truly prefer your original brand.

Suggested Usage: Apply 4-6 drops of Tooth Oil onto your soft bristle toothbrush. If you prefer, you may apply directly to your mouth and brush thoroughly. When you are finished brushing, you may either expectorate or simply swallow the excess oil which can soothe the throat and alimentary canal. If you are new to Tooth Oil, we recommend that you start with a new soft bristled toothbrush.

A Natural Aid for Gum Disease, Gum Sensitivity, & Gingivitis

If your gums need extra care, rub our tooth oil generously into the damaged areas (three times daily if necessary) until the problem is eliminated. You can use your finger or spray onto a Q-Tip (do not put the cotton swab directly into the bottle).

Gum Sensitivity: Tooth Oil is incredible in helping prevent periodontal surgery by working to aid healing abscesses, toothaches, canker sores and those nasty "pockets" that form at the base of the teeth.

Clean Your Dentures! You can even soak your dentures in our Tooth Oil for 10 minutes and then rinse it off. It works great!

Attention Smokers: Before you reach for a cigarette, try 2 drops of tooth oil on the tongue. The strength of the peppermint and spearmint will distract you from the urge to smoke. Keep it up until your urges are controlled - absolutely natural and non-addictive!

Other Amazing Uses of Natural Tooth Oil

  • For fungus found anywhere on animals or humans
  • Earaches: tilt your head and apply 1 drop, wait for relief (repeat if needed)
  • Heartburn: 2-3 drops in the back of the throat and swallow
  • Small open wounds: clean with a small amount of oil (it may burn at first)
  • Sore throat: 2 drops on the back of your throat
  • Before a singing performance or a speech: 2 drops on the back of your throat
  • For fleas: use a cap of tooth oil in your animal's shampoo
  • Great for jock itch: it will initially burn for a moment, but it works (it is safe and effective).
  • Other Uses: Soak your expensive jewelry for 2-3 minutes and get sparkling results.
  • Tooth Oil very gently cleans silver without you having to absorb the toxic fumes from silver polish. - When you use it on chrome, don't rub it off, leave it lay. On tiles, rub it clean.

No Chemical Ingredients, Just 3 Ingredients! Peppermint Oil Spearmint Oil Almond Oil

But most of all, use OraMD as your premier, all-natural tooth paste alternative. Make sure your kids are using it too!

Made in America!