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Chemical Free Hair Conditioner

Chemical Free Conditioner is all natural and does not coat individual hair, nor does it create a greasy feel or flat look. Our chemical free conditioners can benefit hair of every type, from dry hair to oily hair. Because it has only natural ingredients, the conditioner will moisturize and treat the scalp, not coat the hair.

Why is Chemical Free Conditioner is Better?

Most conditioners are manufactured to create a positive charge that naturally adheres to your hair creating a coating on each hair. Over time this coating becomes so thick that your hair becomes weighted down and appears lifeless. At that point most people require a deep cleansing shampoo to remove the buildup. Unfortunately, further damage to your hair and scalp is caused by the harsh chemical detergents and alcohols in most shampoos.

Natural conditioners without harmful chemicals will not cause toxic chemicals to absorb into your skin. By not using traditional conditioners, you are protecting your family and the environment.

Made in America

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