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World Nutrition

World Nutrition specializes in systemic enzymes that many people use to support the body during times of inflammation. Thousands of various types of health professionals, as well as their patients, have had great success using World Nutrition's Vitalzym.

What is Vitalzym?

What is Vitalzym? Vitalzym is revolutionizing supplements by providing enzymatic support for your body in an easy to take capsule format. Vitalzym supplements are the result of 40 years of research, and they may benefit to the whole body by supporting cell regulation, muscle function, metabolism, and immune function.

What does Vitalzym do?

Vitalzym contains a range of 100% vegetarian enzymes and flavinoids, including Serrapeptase, Bromelain, Papain, Amylase, and Lipase, as well as antioxidants Amla and Rutin. Enzymes are key to all processes that occur within the body; without them, the body would cease to function. They support a variety of healthy bodily functions and are essential to the digestion process, breaking down carbohydrates, fats, and proteins into smaller constituents that can be absorbed into the bloodstream to provide energy. They could aid detoxification by supporting liver and kidney function. They may help the transportation of blood, improving circulation. Supporting muscles and joints, enzymes might improve lubrication and reduce inflammation that can occur from injury or advancing age. By increasing the rate of healing, they could reduce the appearance of scars quicker as well as reduce the likelihood of infection by supporting the immune system.

How does Vitalzym Work in the Body?

Vitalzym’s effective delivery system, which ensures that 100% of enzymes in a capsule are available to be absorbed into the bloodstream, makes it the leading brand in enzyme therapy. Other supplements are not as effective Because the harsh acidic conditions of the stomach may destroy the enzymes, leaving very few to be absorbed into the bloodstream.

The enteric coating of Vitalzym capsules is designed to be broken down only by pancreatic juices, long after it has gone through the stomach. This way the delicate structure of enzymes is not disrupted by stomach acids, which would otherwise render them useless. Enteric coatings are used in modern pharmaceutics for products that need to be absorbed into the blood in the small intestine but are susceptible to being destroyed by stomach acids. This natural coating, in combination with the soluble enzyme format delivery in the new Vitalzym Liquid Filled Gel Capsules ensures an advanced level of effectiveness. Delivering enzymes in liquid form means that they are more active and more easily distributed around the body. The enteric coating ensures that a smaller dose has an equally powerful effect as a larger, powder-based dose.


VitalzymX is an alternative to Vitalzym, the enzyme therapy from World Nutrition. The VitalzymX formula is extra strong, containing higher amounts of the breakthrough enzyme serrapeptase and more absorbable proteinase, in addition to the existing blend of enzymes, flavonoids, and antioxidants available in Vitalzym.

VitalzymX is absorbed effectively in the stomach and small intestine to aid the different aspects of digestion. The enteric coating around serrapeptase means it breaks down when it reaches the small intestine, possibly providing maximum anti-inflammatory and other benefits.

Serrapeptase- A Key Ingredient in World Nutrition Products

World Nutrition put Serrapeptase as one of it's main ingredients in Vitalzym. Serrapeptase is a naturally occurring enzyme which breaks down protein and is thought to have many therapeutic benefits, including an anti-inflammatory effect.

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