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Taurox - TaurImmune

Taurox Supplements - TaurImmune

What is Taurox?

Taurox supplements were designed to help both humans and animals deal with stress caused by environmental factors such as pollution or the stress imposed on the body via epidemics and lifestyle changes.

Taurox is very similar to the sulfur compounds that occur naturally in mammals. Taurox is known as COBAT, or carbobenzoxy-beta-alanyl Taurine. For the body to have a properly functioning immune system it needs to make small amounts of sulfur-based dipeptides. The importance of these sulfur dipeptides is that they are essential in energy production by a component in every cell called the mitochondria. It is the mitochondria that converts organic matter into energy for the cell. Without the important fuel, cell energy is decreased and vitality diminishes.

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Taurox Research

Taurox readjusts cytokine levels and modifies the immune system to create a more effective TH1 response. This is the immune response from the body when attacked by environmental toxins or pathogens. According to Thomas Dunn, Taurox generated a first signal of calcium movement almost instantly when it was applied to the human immune cells. This is important because it appears that Taurox was the "missing link" that amplified the events of the immune response. The researchers were also able to document an increased expression of DNA which called for mostly TH1 cytokines from cells that were inactive. Basically, it appears that Taurox helped balance the immune system.

Floyd Taub, MD initiated much of the preclinical research and prepared a homeopathic form of Taurox that was given to humans. Along with Dr. Taub, Char Tara Albert and Mitchell Fleisher, MD,D.Ht. were crutial in creating the homeopathic preparation. David Riley, MD did a double-blind, placebo controlled study that observed the amazing effect of Taurox. In fact, according to Dr. Riley, Taurox was the most powerful of any compound he ever studied.

Taurox Reduces Fatigue

One of the greatest findings in a study of Taurox users was that 94% of study group stated they a reduced fatigue and 62% reported a decrease in allergy symptoms. The studies revealed that Taurox increases energy levels in people with persistent fatigue, often seen with chronic illness as well as those suffering from non-specific general fatigue. Without the use of caffeine or other stimulants, Taurox increases energy levels via the balancing effect on the immune system.
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