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Gourmet Probiotic Snacks

Sunbiotics Gourmet Probiotic Snacks combine healthy snacks and probiotics. The benefits of probiotics are well documented and constantly researched, so adding snacks to the mix was the natural next move.

Sunbiotics currently offer 4 delicious flavors of Organic Probiotic Almonds: Cheesy, Truffle Salted, Chocolate, and Original and they are all made with simple and high quality ingredients. They take the finest raw, organic almonds and put them through a special process which involves sprouting/germinating (enhance enzymatic activity) and then low temperature drying (preserves raw state + adds crispiness). They then coat them with probiotics, an amount equivalent to 8 billion CFU per packet.

At, we carry not only the probiotic almonds, but also their probiotic chocolate, powders and tablets! Sunbiotics offers a variety of delicious ways to get your probiotics!

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