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What is Sprayology? - Sprayology Vitamins - Sprayology Products

Sprayology is a complete and safe set of oral spray vitamins that are filled with essential vitamins and developed with homeopathic principles in mind. The vitamin sprays are for all men, women, adolescents and kids wishing to improve their physical and emotional health and well-being. Because these homeopathic supplements are in spray form, the natural ingredients are delivered efficiently and quickly.

rests on one valid concept: when people take vitamins and natural remedies using Sprayology via spraying into the mouth and under the tongue, they are able to quickly absorb the essential nutrients. The sprayed vitamins and homeopathic remedies do not travel the digestive tract and are not subject to the metabolic activity that tends to decrease the effectiveness of tablets, capsules, gels and liquids.

Why Spray Vitamins? - Benefits of Sprayology Spray Vitamins

Our bodies do not naturally produce vitamins, although vitamins are indispensable to health and vitality. People, therefore, seek vitamins through nutritional supplements. But the only way vitamins can really perform their work is for people to take vitamins that will directly make their way to the "site of action." This is achieved through passage in the bloodstream. Therefore, excellent nutritional supplements deliver nutrients via the bloodstream on time. Tablets and pills end up in the digestive tract, and doctors are raising doubts about their effectiveness because chemical breakdown can reduce the rate of efficiency of tablets and capsules.

Sprayology products therefore acts as a replenishing agent, optimally helping the body to ward off daily stress. These spray vitamins were developed in an American laboratory that meets the rigid standards of the FDA and specifications of medical experts and homeopaths.

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is defined as a branch of medicine dating back 200 years that adheres to the belief that some natural substances stimulate the body to naturally recover from illness and boost its healing capacity. When symptoms are treated, an individual feels relief, and homeopathy goes to work by restoring balance in the human body at all levels.

What distinguishes Sprayology homeopathic products from others are the four specific benefits obtained from one product. They relieve symptoms, support metabolic activity, reinforce the immune system, and detoxify the body. These qualities make Sprayology a truly holistic and quick-acting natural remedy and great spray vitamin.

All Sprayology vitamins and remedies are Made in America to assure quality, potency and safety.
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  1. Sprayology Cold Flu Relief
    Sprayology - Cold + Flu Relief - 41ml
    Recommended for people looking to relieve sinus congestion, fever, achiness, chills and cold-related headaches naturally.
    Your Price $38.00
  2. Sprayology Diet Power
    Sprayology - Diet Power - 41ml
    Recommended for those who want to naturally support weight loss with this ephedra-free homeopathic spray.
    Your Price $38.00
  3. Sprayology ImmunoBooster
    Sprayology - ImmunoBooster - 41ml
    Recommended for those who tend to get sick frequently and those who want to support their immune system naturally and safely.
    Your Price $38.00
  4. Sprayology Party Relief
    Sprayology - Party Relief - 41ml
    Recommended for those who want homeopathic relief from the side effects of alcohol consumption.
    Your Price $38.00
  5. Sprayology SleepEase
    Sprayology - SleepEase - 41ml
    Recommended for those who want a natural option for better sleep with no morning grogginess.
    100% of 100
    Your Price $38.00
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