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Pure IGF

Pure IGF

Pure IGF Extreme - Pure IGF Ultimate

Body builders and other athletes doing intense sports such as martial arts, marathon training etc. need a natural endurance supplement that can help build muscle and improve recovery time.

Pure IGF Extreme and Pure IGF Ultimate has been shown to help do that and more. Here are some other benefits of Pure IGF: Prevent breakdown of muscle, naturally burn fat, improve stamina and endurance, improve skin (helps combat acne), help reduce hair loss, help reduce wrinkles, help sustain energy levels.

Pure IGF Extreme
and Pure IGF Ultimate has been shown to help boost athletic performance in athletes by improving stamina and endurance, improving the ability of the blood to carry oxygen, helping to repair minor muscle damage that happens either while training or competing and improving recovery time. Either Pure IGF Extreme or Pure IGF Ultimate helps to synergistically supplement the important growth factors that are vital to recovery. These important growth factors help to restore the normal processes and strength of the body. This can help lead to improved physical and mental performance on and off the field.

Pure IGF and Pure IGF Premium

For those seeking a natural anti-aging supplement, many are now choosing a deer antler velvet extract. Pure IGF and Pure IGF Ultimate, offers a pure deer antler velvet extract in either a liquid or tablet.

What makes Pure IGF and Pure IGF Ultimate so powerful are the EFAs and concentrated active proteins that it contains. These are important building blocks that help to nourish the cells of the body.

Besides lifestyle changes to help prevent premature aging, people have been searching for an anti-aging supplement for years. Pure Solutions has created an anti-aging supplement that is a synergistic blend of growth factors that also contains very high concentrations of essential fatty acids (EFAs) delivered in a liquid or tablet format. The Pure IGF and Pure IGF Premium, help you "discover the fountain of youth", according to the packaging.

Pure IGF Extreme and Pure IGF Ultimate for Athletes

Pure IGF Extreme and Pure IGF Ultimate were both designed to help the most dedicated of athletes who push themselves to the limit of physical exhaustion. By directly supplementing with Pure IFG Extreme or Pure IGF Ultimate many athletes have avoided the use of taking an un-natural human growth hormone supplement. You can choose either the Pure IGF Extreme liquid or Pure IGF Extreme tablets.

Here are some additional benefits of Pure IGF Extreme and Pure IGF Ultimate:

  • Improved endurance during martial arts training and fighting
  • Improved muscle definition
  • Improved recovery of muscles
  • Stop nightly muscle breakdown
  • Improved endurance during high altitude training
  • Support of joints during power lifting
  • Improved joint health from power lifting
  • Improved recovery following intense training
  • Help reduce belly fat without lean muscle loss
  • Help regulate cortisol (the stress hormone)
  • Boost libido
  • Reduces excess estrogen release (similar to HCG)
  • Naturally improves face and body skin
  • Improves hair growth
  • Helps boost memory and mental sharpness
  • Helps achieve restful sleep

Pure IGF and Pure IGF Premium for Anti-aging

Based on the information provided by Pure Solutions, these anti-aging oral formulas can help to slow the degradation and aging of human cells via the growth factors, proteins and fatty acids provided, which are the basic building blocks used for the development and regeneration of healthy cells. If the protein and fatty acids are not available for the cells during growth and regeneration, it's possible for the cells to age more rapidly.

With Pure IGF and Pure IGF Premium you can help your body to slow down the aging of the cells and tissues by supplying them with the concentrated essential fatty acids and active proteins they require.

Pure IGF and Pure IGF Premium contain the purest forms of DAV or Deer Antler Velvet extract. It has been documented that Deer Antler Velvet extract has been used in eastern medicine for more than 2,000 years. Deer antlers have been shown to grow at a rate of approximately 1 inch/day; in fact, deer antlers are one of the only mammalian organs on Earth that is able to regenerate.

All Pure IGF Supplements Uses Only the Antler Tips

The Deer Antler Velvet extract is obtained without pain to the deer, by gently snipping the tip of special deer antlers. This material is then filtered and ground into a fine powder to be used in the premium extract in a 43:1 ratio. Pure IGF and Pure IGF Premium is unique, in that it contains extract from only antler tips because they contain the highest concentration of beneficial constituents and growth factors.

Pure IGF and Pure IGF Premium benefits include:

  • Improves joint health
  • Helps reduce body fat
  • Helps lower cortisol levels
  • Improved skin clarity and skin elasticity
  • Helps improve sexual functions and libido
  • Improves hair/nail growth and health
  • Acts as natural anti-inflammatory
  • Improves mood, memory & mental acuity
  • Improves restful sleep
  • Helps to accelerate wound healing
Pure IGF Extreme and Pure IGF Ultimate for Athletes as well as Pure IGF and Pure IGF Premium for anti-aging, all come in either liquid or tablet form and of varying strengths.
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