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Nordic Naturals

Nordic Naturals

Nordic Naturals Fish Oils - Research Driven Omega 3 Supplements

Omega-3 deficiencies are common in today’s world. Omega-3 can at times be difficult to consume through diet, but it can be incredibly easy through supplementation with Nordic Naturals professional line of supplements.

Nordic Naturals has two lines of products, retail & professional.

We carry the medical/professional line of products.
Therefore, names and labels might be different than what you are used to.

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Nordic Naturals produces some of the finest fish oil supplements that deliver the body numerous omega fatty acids, and can help to improve health. Nordic Naturals various fish oil products contain omega fatty acids that are important to your body, because they help to promote proper brain function, reduce the risk of heart disease, and are needed for proper growth and development. Nordic Naturals uses patented manufacturing and processing practices to ensure that you only get the highest quality fish oils.

How Nordic Naturals Started

Nordic Naturals was founded in Norway by Joar Openheim. In the 1980s Openheim came to the United States to get an MBA. One aspect of American life that Openheim couldn’t get used to was the lack of quality fish oils. Openheim had experienced a gymnastic injury, and he had depended on high quality fish oil supplements to manage his injuries.

Openheim started to ship numerous fish oil products to America from his home in Norway, but this soon became a nuisance. Openheim soon got the vision to introduce high quality fish oils to the entire world, and he made this is mission. Since then he has received several fish oil patents that pertain to manufacturing, and these patents help to ensure the flavor, taste, delivery, and processing of Nordic Naturals.

Today Nordic Naturals is the highest ranked fish oil in Norway, and it is 750 times purer than fish.

Nordic Naturals Tastes Great!

Many fish oils on the market have a disgusting taste that can make it almost impossible to consume. Nordic Naturals has taken this into account, and they have infused fruit flavor into their soft gel and liquid formats. This allows Nordic Naturals to taste great and be easy to take. The oxygen-free and enzymatic processing also makes Nordic Naturals absolutely burp free.

Nordic Naturals has actively welcomed third party feed back, and they found that people of all ages love the taste of Nordic Naturals fish oils.

Materials and Manufacturing

Nordic Naturals main concern is maintaining the freshness of their fish oils. They try to reduce the time between when the fish is first caught and when it starts processing as much as possible. Nordic Naturals peroxide levels also fall well below the standards set by the European Pharmacopoeia Standard. This is important, because the freshest fish oils have low peroxide levels. Nordic Naturals materials are also processed in a nitrogen environment to ensure freshness. Their patented manufacturing process allows them to deliver some of the freshest and purest fish oils.

Pure Fish Oil Through Molecular Distillation

Their patented purification and distillation process helps to remove any unwanted and potentially dangerous materials like PCBs, heavy metals, dioxins, and saturated fats. For concentrated fish oils Nordic Naturals remove unwanted material by using molecular distillation. Their molecular distillation occurs in a vacuum to reduce the amount of heat that the fish oil is exposed to.

Their processing practices are important to the purity, because it creates no trans fats. For non-concentrated fish oils, Nordic Naturals uses flash distillation. Flash distillation is similar to molecular distillation, but instead of being processed in a vacuum it uses steam. Lab studies have shown that both these processes yield high quality and fresh fish oils. Nordic Naturals tries to limit the heat that is able to interact with their fish oils, but the oils do encounter some heat during processing. The common belief is that heat can cause oxidation, but this isn’t true. Heat only speeds up oxidation. Nordic Naturals uses nitrogen, not oxygen, to process their fish oils, so there is no oxidation for heat to speed up. Since there is no oxidation, Nordic Naturals can be shipped and stored in hot temperatures without jeopardizing its quality.

Perhaps one of the best ways to determine if there has been oxidation in fish oils is with the human palate, because oxidation can be easily detected through taste. When oxidation happens in fish oils it creates aldehyde byproducts that have an awful taste that resembles rancid fish. The light and fresh taste of Nordic Naturals is one of the best ways to show that no oxidation has occurred.

The acidity level in Nordic Naturals fish oils is also well below the standard levels. The acidity level allowed is usually 1.0. Nordic Naturals doesn't allow acid to exceed .1, and many times their oils don’t surpass .01. Nordic Naturals uses natural stabilizers to ensure that their fish oils remain fresh. They have extensively researched natural stabilizers, and have found that rosemary and Vitamin E are the best. Vitamin E and rosemary are added to enhance the freshness of Nordic Naturals fish oils.

Nordic Naturals fish oil also comes in a triglyceride form. Today most fish oils are found in ethyl ester molecular form which is a synthetic fat. It only has 18 years of human consumption, so its long term effects are unknown. The triglyceride form found in Nordic Naturals is essential to how it acts in the body. Triglycerides make it so the body can maximize the absorption and utilization of the fish oils.

Research has shown that the body can absorb up to 70% more triglycerides than ethyl esters. Nordic Naturals are constantly trying to make their fish oils better, and they are always trying to improve their processing and manufacturing practices. They are dedicated to the research and study of these processes, and this only leads to better fish oils.

Where Does the Fish Oil In Nordic Naturals Come From?

Nordic Naturals uses only wild caught fish that are not endangered for their fish oils. Their fishing practices are sustainable, so they don't harm the environment in any way. Nordic Naturals uses Arctic Cod, also known as Skrei, which comes from the Norwegian Sea. They catch this fish using a line and net technique that helps to preserve the ecosystem by not disrupting the sea floor.

Pacific Sardines and Peruvian Anchovies can also be found in Nordic Naturals fish oils. These fish come from the South Pacific - more specifically off the coast of Peru - and they're fished with environmentally friendly practices. The Peruvian coast is one of the best places to fish, because the Peruvian fishery is one of the most sustainable fisheries in the world. Nordic

Naturals also uses Pink and Sockeye Salmon that are taken exclusively from Cook Inlet in Alaska. These species are sustainable in Alaska, and they aren't in danger of being over-fished.

Does Color Have Anything to do with Quality?

It is frequently believed that the color of fish oil has something to do with its quality. However, this is untrue, and the color of the fish oil only has to do with what species it comes from. Color has nothing to do with quality, and the only way to determine fish oil quality is through third party testing.

Values and Standards

Nordic Naturals is an honest and truthful business. They embrace their corporate social responsibilities, and Nordic Naturals knows that their practices have long lasting effects on customers, employees, the community, and the environment. Nordic Naturals does not participate in any harmful practices, and they have a sustainable source for their fish oil. Nordic Naturals takes every step they can to protect the environment.

They also carry out safe practices for both their employees and the environment throughout the entire manufacturing process. Nordic Naturals embraces community growth by taking part in numerous philanthropic endeavors and donation programs. To Nordic Naturals corporate social responsibility means they have to improve the life of their employees, customers, and the environment.

Standards for Fish Oil

There are no standards for fish oils in the United States. However, there are strict rules and regulations in Europe, and these rules are governed by the European Pharmacopoeia Standard. Nordic Naturals also abides by the Council for Responsible Nutrition and the Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3. Nordic Naturals also abides by California’s Proposition 65. Prop 65 focuses on the total PCBs in a product, not just the potentially harmful PCBs. Prop 65 limited PCBs to 90 nanograms a day, and Nordic Naturals easily meets the standards set by Prop 65. The standards followed by Nordic Naturals means that their fish oil supplements are pure and high quality.

Nordic Naturals have no detectable heavy metals, dioxins, of PCBs. Nordic Naturals' quality and purity are constantly tested in peer reviewed research and have been studied by numerous institutions that include Harvard University, Columbia University, the National Institute of Health, Stanford University, Duke University, UCLA, and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

There have already been 19 published studies, and more than 40 are currently being researched. All of Nordic Naturals fish oils are tested for potentially harmful materials - like heavy metals, dioxins, PCBs, and other toxins - by a neutral party. This ensures that all of Nordic Naturals' fish oils surpass European pharmaceutical practices. Nordic Naturals fish oils are some of the best fish oils on the market for numerous reasons. Their flavor infused fish oil allows it to be delicious and easily taken. They also have patented manufacturing processes that ensure quality and purity. Nordic Naturals only uses natural fish oils that are from fish that are not endangered and have been fished in environmentally safe practices. Nordic Naturals also accepts its corporate social responsibilities, and they protect their customers, employees, and, most importantly, their environment.

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