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Nature's Way

Nature's Way

Nature's Way has been America's leader in herbal supplements for over 40 years, and they have become a pioneer in the dietary supplement business. In fact, Nature's Way is one of the most technologically advanced supplement manufacturers in America, and they continue to research and test new ingredients to bring you, the consumer, only the finest products.

Nature's Way offers hundreds of supplements that can support anybody's diet, and their goal is to find new beneficial ingredients to bring the world's best supplements into your home. Nature's Way believes that innovation is important in herbal supplements, so they designed a fully licensed and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Here they control the quality of their products and further develop new products. Nature's Way also takes great pride in researching and testing new herbs and ingredients. They believe that there are many more healthy plants and herbs that can be found, and Nature's Way is on a constant search to find new ingredients that can benefit your health.

The Story Behind Nature's Way

Nature's Way was created when founder Tom Murdock's wife became sick. Standard forms of medicine offered no help to the ailing Mrs. Murdock, so Murdock started to administer his wife natural herbs that were found in the Arizona dessert and based off of Native American medicines. With the help of these natural herbs Mrs. Murdock was able to fully recover, and she lived for another 25 years. After the recovery, Murdock started to find more natural remedies that he could share with the world.

Nature's Way also takes pride in the numerous charities that they take part in. Nature's Way funds groups that protect the rainforests, and they believe that many of the future's natural medicines can be found here. They also donate vitamins to third world countries where there is a lack of nutrition, and they help by contributing to self-reliance programs for the homeless. Nature's Way also helps the medical field by donating money to the research of numerous diseases, including breast cancer.

Nature's Way is a pioneer in the herbal supplement business and was the first major supplement company that was certified as an organic food processor. They bring some of the finest natural supplements to the public, and they are continuously researching new ingredients and herbs. Nature's Way's dedication to quality and to the public make them one of the best natural supplement companies in the world.

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