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Kala Health

Kala Health manufactures supplements and nutraceuticals that provide a wide range of health benefits and can help to support the health of you, your family, and your pets. These supplements are produced to meet cGMP standards, and Kala Health wants to ensure that their customers are able to consume some of the finest natural supplements that are made using ingredients that are safe and pure. Kala Health has vowed to never use cheap or ineffective ingredients, and if you aren't happy with your products, Kala will refund your money.

Kala Health was founded in 1997 by Dr. Ronald Breteler, who had been working in the natural food and health business since 1980. As an active contributor to the health world, Breteler has had over 50 scientific research papers published, and his extensive education brought him to the Netherlands, Canada, and America. Breteler has worked with experts in natural anti inflammatory nutrients, like Dr. Poovaiah, and veterinarians, like Phil Brown. Through these experiences Breteler designed Arthrix for Dogs and Cats. Kala has grown significantly in recent years, and their manufacturing agreement with Formulations Tech and their acquirement of Landco Corp have allowed them to create a wide range of quality products.

If you're looking for quality products that are natural and safe, look no further than Kala Health. Kala Health has been making natural supplement and nutraceuticals for over a decade, and these natural health products may help to keep you healthy and nutritionally sound.