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E3Live Supplements

Buy E3Live - AFA Supplements is an Authorized Distributor of E3 Live

Fueled by the belief that their supplements can truly help people, E3Live has been bringing AFA supplements and organic health products to the public since 1991. They have spared no expense on harvesting, testing, and purifying their nutritional products. E3Live follows strict manufacturing procedures, and they exceed quality and safety standards while producing their infamous Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae, also known as AFA.

Those at E3 Live want you, the consumer, to feel completely safe with E3Live's certified organic and kosher super-foods. They believe that overall well-being starts at the cellular level and nothing benefits cells more than the food you eat. Wholesome and healthy foods can improve the way the body thinks, looks, and acts. E3Live wants the general public to know that their AFA is one of the best natural super-foods that can detoxify the body and promote overall well-being. E3Live AFA is an aqua botanical of the non-GMO type. AFA use photosynthesis to internally generate their own food and energy. AFAs are a self-sustaining food, and they are so self-sustaining that they are often the first form of life that scientists seek on other planets.

Where Does the AFA in E3Live Come From?

In the south of Oregon, there is an incredible lake that contains some of the most health enhancing and beneficial algae. Upper Klamath Lake is beautiful and breathtaking. The freshest AFA has the greatest health benefits, so maintaining the AFA's integrity is important. E3 AFA is handled with the utmost care, and their goal is to bring the consumer AFA that is live and closest to its natural state. Once AFA is drawn from Upper Klamath Lake it is immediately cooled to ensure that it keeps its numerous benefits and nutritional value.

From its initial harvesting to its packaging, AFA is delicately handled and preserved. To maintain the highest quality the staff at E3Live carefully filters, chills, and tests the AFA. E3 Live products are also tested by independent USDA certified labs to eliminate bias from their commitment to purity.

Preserving the Upper Klamath Lake

E3Live takes precaution when withdrawing AFA from Upper Klamath Lake, because they don't want to disrupt the delicate ecosystem. It contains a litany of natural minerals and nutrients that were deposited when Mt. Mazama exploded. At its bottom Upper Klamath Lake has nearly 30 feet of mineral enriched sediment. The top couple inches of the lake are also seemingly magical.

Recent studies have shown that the top inch of the lake alone can support a full algal bloom, and during prime seasons the entire lake can handle up to 14 million pounds of AFA. The amounts harvested by E3Live are so minute, that there is little effect on the lake.

Well-being starts at the cellular level, and E3Live has brought you some of the most beneficial Aphanizomenon Flos-Aque. E3Live's careful attention to detail ensures that you will only receive the finest AFA that Upper Klamath Lake has to offer.

E3Live AFA can be found throughout their numerous products. Harness the power... buy E3Live today.