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Extreme Health Products - Natural Remedies

Extreme Health is an American nutritional supplement company specializing in chelation supplements, detox supplements and Goji Berries. Their antioxidant and heart healthy nutritional products are designed to help with high blood pressure, cholesterol, arterial cleansing and improve energy.

Did you know that each year, close to 1 million Americans die from heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases?

Here's the good news: research studies conducted in the last decade have proven that you can prevent heart disease from eroding your quality of life! In fact, researchers are saying that heart disease does not have to be a permanent health risk because you can reverse the disastrous effects of an unhealthy heart.

Isn't it a pity that people with heart problems don't take advantage of alternative heart therapies to help prevent the occurrence of heart disease especially when natural heart remedies can very well be the answer to their problems? It would be to their best interest to give a natural oral chelation therapy a try.

More than 60 million Americans complain from some kind of heart ailment. They should be pleased to learn that a nutritional heart supplement is available, and it works on the principle of an oral chelation formula that is balanced and provides the human body with defenses to fight heart disease the most natural way without taking drugs that can potentially have adverse effects.

The American Heart Association reports that:
  • Stroke can cause serious long term disability.
  • More than half of patients who are confined because of neurological disorders have suffered from stroke.
  • A stroke attacks an American every 53 seconds, a stroke can cause the death of someone every 3.3 minutes.
  • Out of 2 Americans on the average, one will have a coronary attack while the other will die from it.
  • The # 1 killer in the US is heart disease. The number of people who die from it is greater than the number of people who die from the other six causes of death.
  • Heart disease expenditure in the US amounted to $298.2 billion in 2001 alone.
If you're interested in knowing how to prevent a heart attack or stroke, bear in mind the following:
  1. An Oral Chelation Formula helps to eliminate harmful toxins from your arteries. That in itself is a welcome relief. The good thing about it is that it is a natural oral chelation therapy. It can do one more thing: like complete formulas, it provides and replaces nutritional elements such as antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and enzymes that have been lost because of the ravaging effects of cardiovascular disease.
  2. Exposure to heavy metals on a long term basis causes health problems in spite of low-level exposure. The presence of heavy metals has been associated with certain problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, inability to sleep and others. These heavy metals generate damage inflicted by free radicals. These free radicals in turn have been known to cause:
  • heart attacks
  • strokes
  • cancers
Other health problems occur due to free radicals are caused by long-term exposure to heavy metals. Although not considered terminal, these disorders affect the physical and mental/emotional well-being of individuals:
  • Alzheimer's
  • Loss of memory
  • Diabetes
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Impotence or lack of sexual drive
  • Arthritis

Extreme Health's Oral Chelation/Age-Less Formula is definitely different!

It contains EDTA and other natural chelators – 16 to be exact. In fact, Extreme's Oral Chelation/Age-Less formula contains:
  • 16 chelating agents
  • 31 antioxidants
  • 25 vitamins and minerals
  • 7 amino acids
  • 19 phyto-therapy health foods and herbal ingredients
  • 3 enzymes
These nutrients act in synergy to reinforce the body's natural defenses and enhances its capability to expel heavy metals, examples of which are mercury, cadmium, aluminum and lead. They also crush fatty and mineral deposits that attach themselves to the heart's arterial wall.

Extreme Health's Oral Chelation/Age-less Set has essential nutrients to free the brain and nerve ganglions from mercury and other heavy metals. It has natural chelators that help remove these heavy metal toxins from the body. We doubt you will find a similar product in the market today. This product has 60 synergistic ingredients and is a formula that will not harm adults or children. An essential point to bear in mind is that Extreme Health's Heart Supplement Formula (Oral Chelation/Age-Less Set; original formula) could be the only product that contains substances that specifically aims to fight 20 toxic heavy metals that can cause potential health problems that affect the body's organs, tissues, and bones.

More Reasons To Choose Extreme Health Oral Chelation Formula

Improved circulation and smooth cardiovascular functioning: these are two additional benefits of our formula. By helping remove heavy metals from the body, remarkable improvements are seen in patients suffering from:

  • loss of memory
  • allergies
  • hypertension
  • poor concentration
  • excessive mood swings
  • depression / irritability
  • high cholesterol
  • insomnia
  • vascular occlusion
  • neuropathy and other disorders that can be caused by toxic substances in the body.
17 chelators and 49 other powerful ingredients are found in the Heart Supplement Formula (Oral Chelation/Age-Less Set; original formula). This makes it one of the safest, most effective and most comprehensive therapies available. These ingredients mobilize what has been chelated, while the other ingredients transport toxic metals out of the body. This formula also has certain ingredients that enhance detoxification processes in the liver and kidneys – usually considered the largest detoxification channels. Lastly, our 2 bottle formula will adequately provide nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants that have been depleted by the harmful activity of heavy metals. This formula is balanced synergistically. Thanks to this synergistic balance, the body is not deprived of nutrients but is strengthened because of a more efficient immune system.

For Children Too: Children Chelation Formula

Extreme Health's Heart Supplement Formula (Oral Chelation/Age-Less Set; original formula) is excellent for children. It can be used occasionally on children who are suffering from autism, ADD, ADHD and who have been confirmed as having been exposed to heavy metals.

Free 28 Page Chelation Formula Information

Read the Free 28-page booklet that comes with your purchase of a chelation therapy set. It has important information that you will need as to instructions for taking the formula, recommendations, lists of ingredients and the role that each plays, as well as other useful information.