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Citrus Mate (Orange Mate)

Orange Mate Mist Air Fresheners

Made by Citrus Mate

Orange Mate Mist and Lemon Mate Mist natural air fresheners are made with real citrus ingredients. Orange Mate Mist eliminates odors and is a natural air freshener in a non-aerosol can. Not tested on animals.

FOR THE LOVE OF CITRUS - Citrus Natural Air Freshener

If you like your home smelling of fresh citrus, you'll love Orange-Mate Mist or Lemon Mate Mist. These natural odor removers are made from significant amounts of citrus peel oils.

When citrus fruits and plants go through the manufacturing process, certain oils and aromas are derived which are then marketed and sold under an exciting assortment of products formulated for the total elimination of odor. Citrus has that remarkable property of releasing eight types of oils; each of these oils has its own characteristics and purposes, all processed in varying grades. And speaking of grade, the manufacturers of Orange-Mate products have selected only superior grades. This decision to select the highest grade possible is to deliver to consumers a product that is dependable and 100% effective. When products like Orange-Mate Mist get to work at removing disagreeable smells in the home or in the work place, they release important oils that perform exceedingly well because of the way they are distilled in high concentrations.

How much do you get in an ounce of Orange-Mate Mist product?

No less than an average of ten oranges per ounce. That's per ounce, not by can! When you buy a 7-ounce container, therefore, you're receiving the equivalent of 70 oranges.

Are you curious about how your Orange-Mate Mist product performs?

It's a complex three-step process, but here's an overview:
  1. When the product is sprayed into the air, citrus substances called ions that are electrically charged are released. These ions attach themselves to particles and elements floating in the air that cause all kinds of odors in the home or workplace.
  2. Given their electrically-charged quality, they need to combine with another ion to form compounds. These compounds work double time in attacking and eliminating smells and even the most persistent odors.
  3. As compounds bond together, the citrus component sucks in the odors by oxidizing them. When released into the air, the citrus immediately undergoes this process of oxidation. Useful tip: Spray your Orange-Mate Mist only when there are odors that need to be eliminated right away. This is because oxidation can occur, leading to decomposition and spoilage. To ensure that your product is not sprayed by accident, it is packaged with a hermetic seal ensuring that the contents are stored in air-tight conditions.
Orange Mate Mist and Lemon Mate Mist are Made in America to assure quality and purity.
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