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Vaxa Attend Mini Capsules

Vaxa Attend Mini Capsules

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Successful solution for us.
 posted on 8/27/2013
My son had trouble with clear thinking and attention in grade school. He started taking Attend and Memorin and it made a visible difference. Each year when school started, after 2 weeks I would give him the choice of whether or not he wanted to take the vitamins. He chose to do so until he reached 5th grade. At that stage, he was able to identify ways to organize himself and stay focused on his own. He is in 9th grade now and still talks about how these vitamins helped him in grade school. He describes it as being able to think clearly and stay focused. My son was diagnosed with a very mild case of ADD, not ADHD, and this solution worked well for us until he was able to stay focused on his own. My daughter is in grade school and now uses both Memorin and Attend during the school year. She has not been diagnosed with ADD but was having trouble daydreaming in class instead of staying engaged in the lessons. So far this solution has had a positive result for her as well.