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Stone Age Wellness - Relax Already - Natural Muscle Relaxant

Stone Age Wellness - Relax Already - Natural Muscle Relaxant

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My Experience Using "Relax Already"
ruby posted on 4/28/2015
I started using "Relax Already" on 4-21-15. I also see a chiropractor for being in few car accidents and never did anything about it to fix my back, so my back was REALLY messed up for quite a few years. With seeing a chiro and realizing how bad my back was "Relax Already" was recommended to me. I woke up on the 21st and was having back pain ALL down the right side of my back. I took my first 2 pills of "Relax Already" and slowly but surely my pain subsided. Keep in mind i see my chiro twice a week if possible, so I followed the instructions and took 2 tablets every 4hrs and my pain in my neck and shoulders reduced dramatically. I'd RECOMMEND "Relax Already" to ANYONE who has tension, muscle aches, back pain, stress or even restless nights. If getting a sound sleep is a task as well they work amazingly before bed. Just take 2 tablets before bed and they will help you get a restful sleep. All in all, AMAZING miracle product.