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Stone Age Wellness - Relax Already - Natural Muscle Relaxant

Stone Age Wellness - Relax Already - Natural Muscle Relaxant

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Relax Already
Lee posted on 5/10/2012
I cannot give it a real good review as of yet. I have to be very careful in trying new things. These were new herbs to me. I have never taken Chamomile , Cramp Bark or Lemon Balm, but one or all of them caused me to have heart palpitations. And I should have known better than to take two at one time of something new like that. I must say I slept soundly after I got to sleep, for two whole hours. That was from 10-midnight. Then I was awake. I came out and took 2 Tylenol as my neck was hurting (chronic) and not sure what else, something else. Then I slept till 5:30 am. and felt just awful. I for sure thought I could not make it to church. But I did make it, left here at 7:30. Wanted to go shopping afterwards, but came straight home and I think I pretty much laid on the couch all day. So far I have not had the courage to take just one. Still waiting for that day. So if you are hypersensitive to new things or herbs, please start with one.