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Stone Age Wellness - Relax Already - Natural Muscle Relaxant

Stone Age Wellness - Relax Already - Natural Muscle Relaxant

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Good & Balanced Product
Monique posted on 6/4/2012
I like that the product has a very good balance of ingredients for the purpose of its use. I'm usually more inclined to have as few ingredients as possible even when it is natural (only because I want to be able to monitor the effects of each ingredient on me personally as best I can). Even so, the ingredients in this product are very good and I suppose it is best to have what is needed all together here instead of having to purchase each separately. The delivery on this product was exceptional and I am grateful it was sent out right away and was even sent with a small note apologizing for not being able to ship sooner due to a holiday. Those little things mean alot to customers. I wasn't able to give the complete perfect rating only because I have only just started taking it and need some time to see if it helps my personal situation with muscle relaxing.