Healthy gums and teeth

7 Tips for Gum Health

Natural Path to Healthy Gums Even if you have great looking teeth and healthy gums, you are not in the clear. It is always necessary to take care of your gums and your teeth and keep them in the best condition you can. It is also true that you cannot see what lies beneath the … *

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open mouth

Keep Your Mouth Healthy

Proper Oral Health Tips To keep your mouth healthy, it is imperative to practice good oral health care. There are many tips that can improve the overall health of your mouth. Below are some tips that can boost your oral health and the overall health of your body. Brush your Mouth – Notice it says … *

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muscle ache

How to Reduce Muscle Aches

Tips to Ease Sore Muscles Sore muscles are the result of exercise or strenuous activity by the body. Muscle soreness usually occurs from 24 to 48 hours after activity. The soreness comes from stressing the muscle tissue beyond its accustomed activity level. This soreness actually occurs from small, microscopic tears in the muscle. The tears … *

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Natural Supplement for Cholesterol

Cholestsure by DaVinci Labs Ensuring that your body is supported and that cardiovascular health and cholesterol levels are in check is important for your overall health. Keeping the HDL to LDL ratio balanced is necessary for healthy blood flow. Eating a balanced diet and exercising is a good way to achieve this balance and ratio; … *

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healthy woman

What is Cardiometabolic Diet?

Cardiometabolic Diet and Health Regardless of the diet you may be taking part in, it is important to note they all have one thing in common. Diets are restrictions on the foods you can eat to maintain proper health. Some people need to cut out fats to lose weight, others need to cut out sugars … *

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vitamin d deficiency

Why is Vitamin D Important for Health?

Benefits of Vitamin D Your health should be the most paramount thing in your life. Eating well, exercising and getting plenty of sleep is the key to a healthy life. However, there may be certain vitamins and minerals that you are missing out on, even with the best of diets. Often the foods you are … *

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Woman in 50s

What’s the Best Natural Hormone Cream?

Organic Excellence Progesterone Cream Hormones change as we age. Women go through menopause as they enter their 40’s and 50’s. After your period stops your hormone levels fall. When this occurs there are symptoms like vaginal dryness and hot flashes. There is a treatment for menopause known as hormone replacement therapy or HRT.¬†This therapy replaces … *

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