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The Neurology and Endocrinology Connection

Codependent Systems

The neurology and endocrinology in our body have an intimate connection. Similar to the check and balance system of a government. This close relationship is codependent and is called the Neuro-Hypothalamic or Hypothalamic-Pituitary (Hypophyseal) axis or connection.

The human body is intelligent and relies on all its systems to be regulated and coordinated for the body to work as designed. As I type, millions of chemical and hormonal reactions are occurring to keep your body in working order. The part of your brain known as the hypothalamus regulates homeostasis. It’s essentially what keeps your body stable, and it’s in constant communication with your pituitary gland (it produces and secretes the vast majority of your hormones). These hormones travel through your bloodstream where they attach to a transport protein in the blood’s plasma and make their way to a particular organ. They are then absorbed by that target organ for processing.

Cranial Nerve 10

Interestingly enough, the major cranial nerve that organizes the connection to and from the gut runs millimeters in front (anterior to the C1 vertebrae “Atlas”). Thus, any neurological compromise to this area such as a lesion, or misalignment of the upper cervical spine can directly impact the brain-gut connection. CN 10 (vagus) is a vital cranial nerve that originates in the brainstem. There is a constant feedback loop that runs to and from your brain that balances and regulates the brain-gut connection. The cranial nerve 10 responsibilities include regulation of internal organs, digestion, heart rate, respiratory rate as well as vasomotor activity.  It also regulates such reflexes as sneezing, coughing, swallowing and vomiting. 

Serotonin’s Role

Ion Biome Gut Support

Did you know that upwards of 95% of your body’s serotonin is made in the gut? Serotonin is a chemical neurotransmitter essential for central nervous system function that carries messages between nerve cells in the brain and throughout your body. Serotonin plays a key role in such body functions as mood, sleep, digestion, nausea, wound healing, bone health, blood clotting and sexual desire. The moral of the story is: CN 10 has a very large role in connecting the brain and visceral organs including the gut (Intestines) for serotonin pathways. If you’re looking for a reason to improve gut health, look no further. For this reason alone, it’s worth it to make sure your body is functioning efficiently.

Thorne Research - L-Glutamine - 90 Capsules

Often, I come across patients that have waited to prioritize their overall health, especially gut heath. As a result, they want an easy, effective, way to intervene by supplementing their nutrition and diet to improve their life. If that’s you, you might want to consider Ion Biome-Gut Health, and or Thorne Research- L Glutamine. These products work to support your gut health in a variety of ways. Most importantly, they target fueling the nutrient absorbing cells in your intestines that line its walls, as well as optimizing your gut biome which is essential for immunity.

Your body is intelligently designed; so why not take care of it! Remember, the body has to work in harmony for you to maximize its benefits. In the meantime, keep that nervous system clear and in working order and fuel your body properly.

Until Next Time,

Nicholas J. Insolia, B.S.,D.C.

Nicholas J. Insolia B.S.,D.C.

Author: Nicholas J. Insolia B.S.,D.C.

Dr. Insolia has always been fascinated with the wonders of the human body and the capability of the individual inside of you.  Frustrated with the paradigm of healthcare in this world, he was striving to find a different way to express life and health to the fullest. After earning a B.S. In Pre-Health Biology at Jacksonville State University, he attended and graduated from the Sherman College of Chiropractic in Boiling Springs, SC where their mission is to educate and prepare students to become Doctors of Chiropractic focused on the analysis and adjustment of vertebral subluxation. While in school he learned about the life-giving importance of the nervous system! From that moment forward, Dr. Insolia found his purpose. He is a Board-Certified Chiropractor practicing in the Atlanta GA area.  Dr. Insolia enjoys cars, working out, nutrition, boating, sports, mountain views and sandy beaches.


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