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Tips to Reduce Neck and Back Pain

Woman with Lower Back Pain

Neck and back pain are the most common complaints from my patients.  Pain is the fire alarm that goes off in your body telling you something is wrong and not to be ignored.  I help my patients restore function to their body by taking pressure off the nervous system through chiropractic adjustment.

Misalignments in the spinal column almost always have a muscular component causing some form of pain. Similar to how the body will spike a fever to fight off a virus or bacteria; your spinal column will always try to level itself. This is the reason that we have tight, and tense back muscles that unfortunately go into spasm.  Remember in grade school when you learned that the right side of your brain controls the left side of the body and vice versa? Well, the muscles on the front side of your body work to stabilize the back and the back muscles work to stabilize the front. Biomechanical dysfunction of the spinal column and nervous system that results in the spine coming out of alignment is often caused by physical, chemical, and emotional stress. This is often manifested as a muscular imbalance causing one group of muscles to become weakened and therefore the other side must work extra hard to balance the body out. This is called “cross syndrome” and results in what we perceive as pain.  It just requires adjusting to be put back into place by your chiropractor.

Eliminating Back Pain

After I adjust someone, I always get the question “how do I keep it this way”. The answer is to minimize the stress in your life and to exercise the weakened muscles through stretching. A good exercise regimen is the McKenzie Exercises. This regiment consists of a combination of strengthening and stretching the muscles to help stabilize and ease biomechanical dysfunction therefore eliminating back pain. Life is stressful, and those that adapt to the fullest have the best health.

Stone Age Wellness Relax Already - 240 Capsules

Often, I see people that have waited too long to prioritize their health and are looking for a little extra help. They request a natural way to relax their tight and overworked muscles. A holistic way to supplement or combat this issue and speed up the results coupled with chiropractic is to utilize “Relax Already” by Earth Turns. Relax Already contains magnesium and a proprietary blend called Valflora. (Valerian Root, Lemon Balm, Chamomile Flower, Cramp Bark and Passion Flower). This combination helps to naturally relieve stress, anxiety, and muscle spasm.

Yours In Health,

Nicholas J. Insolia B.S.,D.C.

Nicholas J. Insolia B.S.,D.C.

Author: Nicholas J. Insolia B.S.,D.C.

Dr. Insolia has always been fascinated with the wonders of the human body and the capability of the individual inside of you.  Frustrated with the paradigm of healthcare in this world, he was striving to find a different way to express life and health to the fullest. After earning a B.S. In Pre-Health Biology at Jacksonville State University, he attended and graduated from the Sherman College of Chiropractic in Boiling Springs, SC where their mission is to educate and prepare students to become Doctors of Chiropractic focused on the analysis and adjustment of vertebral subluxation. While in school he learned about the life-giving importance of the nervous system! From that moment forward, Dr. Insolia found his purpose. He is a Board-Certified Chiropractor practicing in the Atlanta GA area.  Dr. Insolia enjoys cars, working out, nutrition, boating, sports, mountain views and sandy beaches.


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