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Drucker Labs: A Superior Liquid Vitamin

Founded by Dr. Rickard Drucker, a medical professional, in 1999, Drucker Labs has produced intraMAX, intraMIN, and intraKID, varieties of liquid vitamins, for the past 20 years. They remain committed to the quality of their products and the health of the consumer by using organically bound and pure ingredients1. They adhere to the Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) regulations set by the FDA, which regulate the quality and purity of drug products2. In addition, Drucker Lab’s vitamins are vegetarian and free of many allergens, including wheat and gluten, yeast, dairy, eggs, peanuts, soy, and shellfish.

Why a liquid vitamin?

Drucker Labs takes pride in its liquid vitamin form. This method of consumption allows for maximal vitamin and nutrient intake. They additionally implement a cold-fill process, which avoids heat used to make pills and other vitamin forms that reduce the strength of the nutrients. This cold fill process, known as intraCELL, organically binds the ingredients to ensure optimal absorption by the cell. The liquid form allows Drucker Labs products to be easily ingested by those who find swallowing pills difficult3.


Drucker Labs recommends intraMAX for individuals 12 and older. intraMAX is an easy way to supplement your mineral and vitamin intake. It contains 415 nutrients, trace minerals, essential fatty acids, vitamins, amino acids, and more, ensuring to effectively supplement any deficiencies you exhibit and boost your energy. It comes in a delicious Peach Mango flavor that teens and adults love.


Similar to intraMAX, intraMIN supplies the body with organically-bound trace minerals that supplement one’s immune system and support energy levels and muscle movement. Along with the other Drucker Labs products, intraMIN contains fluvic acid, a compound found in soil that carries nutrients in plants. This vegan vitamin comes in unflavored and tropical fruit variants perfect for individuals ages 4+.


intraKID is Drucker Labs’ liquid multivitamin for children ages 4-12. The vegetarian, raspberry-flavored formula provides kids with 215 nutrients. It is intended to support the development of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, immune system health, energy levels, and provide structural support.

Intended Benefits

Consumers rave about the benefits provided by Drucker Labs products. They share anecdotes of strengthened immune systems and energy levels. Some claim it helped ease symptoms of perimenopause and state that other vitamins cannot compare. Overall, Drucker Labs’ intraKID, intraMIN, and intraMAX are superior everyday liquid multivitamins


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