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Natural Kid Multivitamins

Kids tend to get sufficient nutrients from the food they eat. However, if your child is a picky eater or you want to make sure he/she has the needed vitamins, kid multivitamins are a good starting point.

Llama Naturals Kid Multivitamins

The Llama Naturals kids multivitamins are organic, plant-based bites that come in both cherry and strawberry flavors. They contain real fruit, like apples and strawberries, and vitamins from vegetables, including spinach, broccoli, and mushrooms, without any added sugar. This kids multivitamin provides your child with crucial nutrients that may aid their energy, mood, and bodily function. It is also soy, egg, peanut, dairy, shellfish, and wheat free1

Little DaVinci Mighty Vite

Mighty Vite is a multivitamin powder that contains pre- and probiotics that may support gut health. Additionally, the range of nutrients found in this multivitamin may also promote the immune system. The powder consists of B vitamins, curcumin, and elderberry, among other nutrients. Just add a scoop of the powder to your child’s drink or food for a delicious fruit-punch flavor and added nutritional value!

Nordic Naturals Zero Sugar Kids Multi Gummies

These sugar-free gummy vitamins are a nutritious and tasty way to increase your child’s vitamin intake. This multivitamin comes in an orange lemon flavor. It also contains 18 important nutrients, including vitamins A, C, D, and E, and minerals like zinc, which may promote the development and immune system of your child.  

Drucker Labs intraKID

intraKID is a liquid kid multivitamin intended for use by children ages 4-12. This raspberry-flavored vitamin contains over 215 nutrients vital to the health of your child, ranging from vitamins A, C, and D to magnesium. These nutrients and minerals may support the nervous and cardiovascular systems, the immune system, and your child’s energy and stress levels. The vitamin’s liquid form allows higher rates of absorption into the body and is an easier alternative to swallowing a pill. One can either consume this multivitamin on its own or mixed with water.

And parents, the greatest part about these vitamins is that some are adapted for adults too. If you don’t want to swallow a pill or lose the great taste of a child vitamin, try Llama Naturals Multivitamin for Adults or Drucker Lab’s intraMIN or intraMAX.


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