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How Can I Improve Muscle Health?

How Muscles Work

Man with Muscles

When you think about muscles, you realize that your body is made up of many different types. Muscles all work to get an action completed. The questions is how do they get their actions completed?

Muscles work by actively controlling the movement desired with our brains, when it comes to skeletal muscles. Tiny molecules within the fibers of our muscles allow our muscles to move. The foods we eat allow actin and myosin to contract muscles. Once this contraction occurs, the muscles can then make the desired movement for our body. Other muscles, like the smooth muscles move automatically and do not need any active thoughts to create movement.

What Happens when Muscles are Damaged?

When muscles are damaged, they often need a little more care. They may be damaged due to a strain or sprain, or it may be just from using them and soreness setting in. Exercising is a wonderful way to increase your muscle strength and power, but soreness cannot be escaped. Regardless of the mechanism, sore muscles enjoy a little pampering at times. Here are some ways to treat them well:

  • Massage – Take some time to work out the toxins and tightness that may set into muscles that are being overworked. This type of muscle release is natural and relaxing. It can truly give your muscles a break and allow them some down time to regenerate.
  • Hydrate – Drinking plenty of water is a great way to decrease muscle soreness and inflammation. If you are a heavy sweater, you may also want to add electrolytes back into your body with the much needed water.
  • Supplement – There are natural supplements that can help you with your Relax Alreadymuscles and ensure that they are receiving all of the nutrients they need to perform their duties. One such product is called Relax Already by Stone Age Wellness, which works with the power of valerian root, cramp bark, lemon balm, passiflora, and magnesium. These ingredients work together to provide pain from muscle cramps, spasms, and even relief from insomnia.
  • Soak – Sore muscles that may be strained and uncomfortable may do well with a nice bath. Taking a warm bath with some Epsom salt is a wonderful way to allow them to soak and relax and introduce some magnesium, which can help with contraction when they are needed for the next move of the day. After your soak, you may want to apply Sombra topical analgesic which will give you soothing relief of muscle soreness.
  • Stretch – Giving your muscles a little stretch before and after strenuous activity can allow the soreness to subside by breaking the cycle. Most muscles cycle between soreness and spasms to tightness and contraction. Light exercise, like walking or swimming, can give the muscles a little bit of relief from tightness.
  • Alternate– When exercising, it is always important to cross train your muscles. There is a difference between muscle soreness from exercise and muscle soreness due to overworking a muscle group to the point of injury. Rotate your muscles to ensure that you don’t overwork them. Also, make sure allow them some time to heal before diving back into a workout.


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