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7 Tips to Help Overcome Anxiety

Stress Reduction Ideas That Work


Anxiety can get the best of us at times. We are told to take medication and try to reduce stress in our lives. However, if you deal with anxiety on a daily basis, you realize it is easier said than done. Self-care is an extremely important part of your health prognosis.

Here are some ways to boost your success in your fight with anxiety.

  • Sleep – Without sleep, our body never gets a chance to unwind. We need the time to sleep and unwind and let our body recharge. The quantity of sleep is important, with a recommendation of 8 hours. However, the quality of sleep is also just as important. You should be able to get consistent and be able to obtain deep sleep. Make sure to create a routine that can help you fall asleep faster and deeper.
  • Activity – Make sure to get your physical activity weekly. You want to get in physical activity at least three times a week. Working out and doing exercises you enjoy will ensure you keep up with the exercise regimen. Forcing yourself to run, if you hate running, will not last long. Maybe walk around the mall, if you love to shop or consider dancing if that is your thing.
  • Schedule your Worry Time – Those with anxiety know that the worrying doesn’t stop on command. This is a part of your life and it can’t be ignored. Consider taking a little bit of time during your day or night to focus on the things that worry you. Maybe write them down or just think about them, but limit this time to a small fraction of your day, so it doesn’t overwhelm you.
  • Triggers – Look for triggers that may cause your anxiety to occur. Keeping a journal to track triggers may be the best way to determine what your stressors are and eventually find a way to minimize them in your life.
  • Minimize alcohol and Caffeine – Certain items can trigger anxiety and alcohol and caffeine are well known anxiety inducers. These two culprits are not good for your overall health and they can definitely increase feelings of anxiety.
  • Finances – Keep your finances in check, because finances are one of the top things that people worry about. Keep a journal of your purchases and determine where you can eliminate some costs. Reduce your cable bill, cut back on unnecessary items, and try to trim the fat wherever you can to make sure your household remains on a balanced budget. Relax Already
  • Supplement – Consider natural supplements that may help you in your quest to live anxiety-free. One natural stress remedy is called Relax Already by Stone Age Wellness. This product uses the power of valerian root, lemon balm, passion flower, cramp bark, and chamomile flower. It works by reducing stress that may contribute to a variety of numerous health issues. This product works as a muscle relaxant and is also a way to promote sleep. It helps perform relaxation due to countering effects of cortisol levels.


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