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8 Tips to Prevent Cold & Flu

Natural Cold and Flu Prevention


The cooler weather brings the beautiful changing of the leaves, and fall sports, and nights out by the fire. What it also brings is the cold and flu season. The winter bugs can take you out of commission and can spread to family and friends. Finding ways to keep your immune system healthy and learning tips to prevent the cold and flu should be paramount in daily life.

    • Stay Hydrated – Make sure to keep yourself hydrated with water. Water ensures that blood and other body fluids are flowing through the body and providing nutrients to all of the organs in the body. Water flushes toxins and impurities out of your system and boosts your immune system.
    • Cope with Stress – Learn coping strategies that will help minimize stress in your life. We often have so many appointments and responsibilities in our life that we cannot get everything done without stressing in between. Respecting ourselves and our time is one way to respect our bodies. Take a yoga class, find a relaxing hobby, read, walk around the block, and just relax every chance you get.
    • RechargeSleep is how we recharge our batteries. If we don’t get enough sleep then our bodies are not able to repair damage and digest and Taurox Flu Sprayprepare for a new day. Lack of sleep can stress the body out and cause the immune system to decrease in its strength.
    • Stay Cozy – When it is cold outside, you should be warm and inside. If you must be out in the elements, limit your time and ensure you are wearing proper layers to keep your body warm. Breathing in cold air or air-conditioned air can leave your body vulnerable to infection.
    • Drink Hot Tea – Not only is hot tea great at keeping you warm, but it is also great at stimulating hair follicles in your respiratory tract, which helps to move out germs in an efficient manner. Hot tea is also great with some honey, which is antibacterial and lemon that helps to thin mucus and prevent congestion.
    • Sanitize – Ensure your home and work area are kept clean and sanitized. Especially, in common areas where people are touching and using items you may end up using. Once a week, consider going around and disinfecting door knobs, buttons, microwaves, and anything you may share with others to prevent the spread of germs. Try a natural hand sanitizer called Dr Bronner’s Hand Sanitizer.
    • Wash – Wash your hands anytime you are in contact with germs. If you don’t have the time to get to the bathroom, make sure to take advantage of hand sanitizer any chance you get. Keep your hands away from walls, railing, and elevator buttons as much as possible. Try Vermont Soap Foaming Hand Soap to wash your hands naturally.
    • Zinc – One natural immune booster is zinc. Consider bulking up on this during the winter months to boost your immune system and stay healthy this season. Zinc Lozenges by DaVinci Labs can help to soothe the effects of a cold and end the duration quicker than without a supplement. You can also use this lozenge to help prevent the onset of a cold.


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