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How to Help Depression without Drugs

7 Depression Tips


Depression may hit you all at once due to a life event or it may be something that creeps up gradually over time. Determining the cause of your depression is part of the healing process. However, some people have bouts of depression that are completely based on chemical imbalances and not personal life events. Regardless of the cause, finding ways to combat depression can allow you the power to fight back. Having the tools ready to help with depression can make the process more successful. Below are some suggestions on how to decrease the effects depression has on your life.

  • Get in a Routine – Depression can strip your desire to get out of bed and be productive. If you set up your schedule and get yourself in a routine, it is more likely you will get up and do all you intend. Getting other people involved in your schedule helps you to stick to your schedule as well. Routines are healthy ways to set boundaries for your life.
  • Eat Healthy – Make sure to eat well, so your body feels good. Sometimes people who are depressed overeat. This can cause serious mood swings and weight gain that can help to fuel your depression. Many healthy choices are also packed with vitamins and nutrients that can make you feel amazing.
  • Negative Thoughts – Our mind can get the best of us and we may overthink things when we are depressed. The important thing is to have facts and truths behind our feelings. If you think everyone dislikes you, then find proof of that fact or begin to believe that it is not really the truth. Don’t be harder on yourself than you need to be, as we are often our worst critics.
  • Supplements – Although there are prescription medications available, going natural is a wonderful way to reduce any drug interference or sidest johns wort by metagenics effects. One such supplement is 5-HTP by DC Labs. This supplement helps to improve serotonin levels that are necessary for emotional well-being. It can improve depression, insomnia, and migraine headaches. Stone Age Wellness also has a product called Relax Already. It works to help reduce the anxiety and stress that can lead to depression. Another very popular natural remedy for depression is St. John’s Wort. It is used extensively throughout Europe as a natural remedy to help fight depression. Click here for more information.
  • Exercise – Working out can relieve frustrations, make your body healthier and make your body look more toned. Exercise also releases endorphins that can boost your mood and keep depression at bay. Walk, run, or just dance to burn calories and stay fit.
  • Sunlight – There is another type of depression that is caused by lack of sunlight. Seasonal affective disorder is a depression due to lack of sunlight. It can cause a sadness that makes you want to go home and hibernate, but make sure to catch as many rays as possible.
  • Friends – The importance of friendship and your health is paramount. Friends are you support system and should be there when you need them most. To gain great friendships, consider listening and appreciating all they bring to your life. This will ensure they become a great friend of yours for years to come.


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