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Why are Mushrooms a Great Supplement?

Benefits of Mushroom Supplementation


Mushrooms are a wonderful addition to our diets and usually thought of as vegetables, but they actually belong to the fungus family. Some people enjoy the taste of mushrooms, but are not sure of their health benefits. Mushrooms are packed with nutrients like vitamin C, iron, potassium, and fiber that can help your body maintain a healthy state. They also don’t contain any fat or sugars, and have low carbohydrate levels.

Let’s discuss some of the benefits of eating mushrooms in a regular diet.

  • Diabetes Help – The power of mushrooms also has to do with their fiber content. Shiitake and portabella mushrooms are high in fiber and help people with diabetes lower blood sugar and lipid levels. Fiber also helps to reduce the risk of heart disease.
  • Antioxidant Power – Mushrooms have antioxidants that help the body fight free radicals that can cause cell damage. Mushrooms also contain selenium that helps to fight inflammation in the body.
  • Heart Health – The fiber, potassium, and vitamin C found in mushrooms can help the body to regulate blood pressure, which keeps the heart healthy. Potassium works with sodium in the body to regulate blood pressure.
  • Weight Management – The fiber found in mushrooms can help keep the body feeling full and that can keep you from overeating and gaining weight. mrs formulaIt helps to keep you fuller for longer and it also provides bulk for the digestive system. The protein found in these mushrooms also helps to burn cholesterol and help with overall health.
  • Supplements – Some people have an aversion to the taste or texture of mushrooms. Supplementing mushrooms is a way to obtain the benefits of mushrooms, without having to eat the mushrooms in your diet. One supplement is called Mushroom Complex by DC Labs. This product is helpful for boosting the immune system, supporting the cardiovascular system, and regulation of blood sugar. It combines the power of shiitaki, reishi, and maitake. These mushrooms are wonderful for immune support and overall health.
  • Gut Health – The power of mushrooms is not only great for your heart and sugar levels, but also wonderful for your digestive system. The fiber that it contains can create better digestion in your tract and keep things moving properly. Mushrooms have vitamins and nutrients easily absorbed via the digestive system.
  • Anemia Help – Mushrooms are also a high source of iron that is needed for the body to help create new red blood cells. It is necessary to keep the body healthy and keep neurological function working properly. It also gives the body the energy it needs and fights fatigue.
  • Bone Health – Mushrooms are also high in calcium, which helps with bone health. Calcium helps to build strong bones and teeth. It can also help with joint pain and prevention of osteoporosis.
  • Anti-aging – The benefits of mushrooms also point to important antioxidant properties that help fight free radicals that can cause aging in the body. The antioxidants help fight aging and keep your body and skin looking radiant and healthy.


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