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How to Improve Prostate Health

Prostate Problems and Solutions

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The prostate is a gland surrounding the neck of the bladder and in front of the rectum in men. It releases prostatic fluid, which makes up some of the fluid in semen.  The prostate is normally the shape of a walnut, but as a man ages,  it can become larger, which is common for most men. It can grow to the size of a lemon by the age of 60. This can cause problems with urination, due to the location of it around the bladder and urethra. These problems can lead to serious urination pain and complications.

Symptoms of a Problematic Enlarged Prostate

When a man has an enlarged prostate, it may or may not affect his health. There are symptoms that can occur when an enlarged prostate begins to affect the urinary tract. Some of the symptoms experienced are:

  • Incomplete bladder emptying after urination
  • Feeling the need to urinate with no sensation of build-up
  • There may be strain to get a flow of urination going
  • There may be starting and stopping several times during urination

Prostate Treatments

Most men with enlarged prostates have no symptoms or conditions that interfere with urination. Most have been told to wait and get yearly checkups to keep a close eye on prostate growth and symptoms. Other doctors will recommend cutting back on drinking before bedtime, especially caffeine and alcohol. For those suffering from symptoms, they may be prescribed alpha-blockers, which can help to reduce the size of the prostate. In extreme cases, there may be a need for surgery.

Healthy Tips

There are some healthy tips that can help your prostate in its best shape. Here are a few:

  • Exercise regularly and keep a healthy weight
  • Eat your fruits and veggies, which have powerful antioxidants
  • Go in for regular checkups after 45 and let your doctor know if prostate cancer runs in the family
  • Include soy in your diet
  • Stay away from smoking
  • Eat selenium-rich foods to reduce risk of prostate cancer

Prostate Supplements

There are also some healthy supplements for the prostate that can be taken.

Saw Palmetto

This is a natural supplement that is a plant. It is commonly used for decreasing the size of an enlarged prostate. It has been shown to help shrink the inner lining that puts pressure on the tubes that carry urine. This can help relieve symptoms of enlarged prostates like inability to urinate, painful urination, and even issues starting and stopping urination.

  • Davinci Labs Saw Palmetto – This medicinal plant helps with prostate health and can even help with male hair loss. It can be used for women for premenstrual tension and lactation problems in nursing mothers. It has also been shown to help with clearing urinary infections. It contains 320 mg of saw palmetto in a vegetarian capsule.
  • DC Labs Mega Saw Palmetto – This 320 mg saw palmetto extract is packaged in a vegetarian soft gel. Mega Saw Palmetto is used for prostate and urinary health. It can also help with reducing the prostate and issues with painful urination, weak stream, and even lower back pain.
  • There are numerous other prostate supplements, such as: Prostate Cocktail, Prostate 5XL, Prostate Health, Prostate Support Formula.

Note: This information should NOT be a substitute for medical advise. If you think you may be having prostate problems, please check with your doctor.


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