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Improve Gut Health Naturally

Digestive Enzymes

Stomach Ache

Gut health is pretty important to your overall health. When your digestive system becomes impaired it usually means it is working, but may not be digesting properly or fully. When you aren’t digesting your food properly, you may see a cascade of other issues that all go back to digestion imbalance.

How Does your Digestion System Work?

The process of digestion begins with the food you are placing in your mouth. That food is chewed with saliva and is partially digested by enzymes. It is then sent down the esophagus to your stomach. The stomach will then digest further with stomach acid. Bile is piped in by the gall bladder to the small intestine so digestion can keep occurring. Pancreatic enzymes further digest inside the intestines. If your intestines are not digesting your food properly, they will not be able to allow all the nutrients to pass through to the bloodstream and nourish your body. Food that isn’t completely broken down into usable components will be excreted through the rectum.

How to Help Aid Digestion

If digestion is an issue in the stomach, hydrochloric acid may not be plentiful. However, this is not something you want to supplement with, due to its ability to burn your throat and cause heartburn. Excess bile can also be a problem that causes your stomach to be upset. However, pancreatic enzymes are definitely an option for supplementation. They are involved in the final step of digestion and they don’t cause burning or digestive upset. Even better is that your body will not become dependent on them and they will not inhibit natural production of pancreatic enzymes from the pancreas.

Pancreatic Enzymes

Fundamental Earth has a product called Fundamental Enzymes. It is a Digestive Enzymesproduct that contains digestive enzymes that can help break down your food into usable nutrients. It is made here in the USA and it wonderful product to boost your break down of foods in the digestive tract. It has the following enzymes to help improve digestion:

  • Peptidase – Helps reduce inflammation in the digestive tract and breaks down gluten
  • Protease – Helps to dissolve proteins in the digestive system
  • Bromelain – It helps to reduce inflammation and break down protein
  • Papain – Digests protein and reduces inflammation
  • Amylase – Breaks down sugar and starch
  • Lactase – Helps to digest lactose in milk and dairy products
  • Lipase – Breaks down fat and helps to metabolize sugar
  • Hemicellulase – Helps to digest plant fibers

Digestive enzymes are an amazing way to jump start your digestive tract and to ensure your body is getting all off the nutrients that you are putting into it. Digestive enzyme supplements add in enzymes to help with the process of digestion, without causing a dependence or issue with actively produced enzymes. It will also not cause any issues with stomach acidity or heart burn.


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