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7 Tips to Maintain Thyroid Health

Natural Thyroid Support

Thyroid Health

The thyroid is an endocrine glad that secretes thyroid hormones that control protein synthesis and metabolic rate. If the thyroid is disrupted it can cause significant changes. Hypothyroidism occurs when the thyroid is underactive and is not producing enough hormones. Without these hormones at proper levels there can be issues with joint pain, infertility, obesity, and heart disease.  On the other hand, hyperthyroidism is when the thyroid is overactive and producing too many hormones. This condition can cause sudden weight loss, sweating, irritability, and an irregular heartbeat. Keeping the thyroid functioning at its best is important for all aspects of your health. There are many natural tips and supplements that can help in your quest for a healthy thyroid.

Tips to Maintain Thyroid Health

  • Eat Sea Vegetables – The thyroid needs a good source of iodine for support. Adding nori wrap, used in sushi, kelp granules, or kombu is a wonderful way to sneak in sea veggies into your diet and keep the iodine coming in for thyroid health. If you are not into eating sea vegetables, you can always supplement naturally. DC Labs has Kelp capsules that can provide 0.1% Iodine for thyroid support. It also supports the immune system and also increases energy while decreasing appetite.
  • Butter – Most people and dieticians say to stay steer clear of butter, but in this case, please enjoy your butter. The endocrine system loves butter and other forms of dairy like cheese and milk. Grass-fed butter is the best options to avoid unwanted hormones.
  • Eat Slowly – Remember the thyroid gland is found in your throat region, so don’t rush while eating. Give your body time to connect with your mind. The thyroid is the master of your metabolism and you will want it to record the message that food is entering the body.
  • Yoga – This form of exercise and meditation is a wonderful way to stimulate and support the endocrine system. Several poses and moves can help the thyroid to perform at a higher level.
  • Adrenal Support – The thyroid works hand-in-hand with the adrenal Solray Adrenal Capsglands. If you are exhausted, it may be that you need adrenal support. This support can help you fight fatigue. Solaray has a product called Adrenal Caps that supports the adrenal glands. It contains bovine adrenal that is activated by herb activators including eleuthero, licorice, gotu kola, and clove.
  • Stress – Minimize stress in your life. This is a recommended statement for any benefit in health. Stress is often a trigger for autoimmune diseases, which thyroids can play a role in at times. Taking some stress out of your life and taking time to relax can greatly improve your thyroid health and your overall health. Relax Already, is a natural relaxant that helps you cope during times of stress.
  • Supplement – There are many prescription medications that can be used to treat thyroid issues, but it is much better to go the natural route to minimize prescription interactions and dependency. DaVinci Labs has a product called Thyro Benefits. This product has iodine, zinc, selenium, copper, kelp, and other ingredients that work together to support the thyroid.


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