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Natural Allergy Relief

Aller-Pure by Irwin Naturals


Allergies are a big pain in the lives of many. There are many causes of allergies in people’s lives. A few of these substances that may cause reactions are:

  • Dust mites
  • Pollen
  • Mold spores
  • Pet dander
  • Certain Foods
  • Insect stings
  • Medications

Allergies are the body’s defense against invaders. Unfortunately, these invaders are really normal things in the environment and an actual false alarm in our bodies. These triggers are either hereditary or environmental. Allergies can cause a variety of symptoms including, runny noses, itching, sneezing, swelling, watery eyes, and asthma. If the reaction is serious it could be anaphylaxis, which can be life-threatening. There are skin tests and blood tests that can diagnose allergies and there are medications and allergy shots that can help with the reactions that occur. However, some people prefer to go the natural route without medications that have side effects that could be worse than the allergies themselves.


This natural supplement is made by Irwin Naturals. It promotes respiratory health, reduces allergic symptoms, and works as an antioxidant action that Aller-Purescavenges free radicals. This supplement is comprised of vitamin C, manganese, fish oil, bromelain, quercetin dehydrate, holy basil extract, perilla extract, lemon balm extract, citrus bioflavonoids, and BioPerine Complex (black pepper and ginger). All of these components work together to provide relief from the main issues with allergies including, inflammation, mucus, decreased immune system, increase in histamine levels, and itchy noses and watery eyes.

  • Vitamin C – This works well in this supplement because vitamin C not only boosts the immune system, but also lowers histamine levels in the blood that can prevent the onset of allergies.
  • Manganese – This mineral can help with a reduction in inflammation that may be caused by the onset of an allergic reaction.
  • Fish oil – A diet in omega-3 fatty acids can have a protective effect on allergies and prevent allergic reactions. It is also soothing against inflammation.
  • Bromelain – This wonderful extract works to help with anti-inflammatory effects of swelling in the nasal passages. It also has an amazing way to relieve congestion problems by thinning mucus.
  • Quercetin – This natural antihistamine is a mediator to allergic reactions. It helps to stabilize the mast cells that release histamines.
  • Holy basil – This natural herb is an antihistamine wonder. It has vitamin K, which is a potent anti-inflammatory agent. It also has antihistamine effect by stabilizing mast cells.
  • Perilla extract – This herb is helpful for those with allergies by soothing symptoms of itchy noses and water eyes by curbing levels of histamine in the blood.
  • Lemon Balm – This is a soothing herb that helps with coughing and asthmatic symptoms that come from allergic reactions.
  • Bioflavonoids – These chemical compounds may reduce the body’s release of histamine. Natural sources of bioflavonoids are citrus fruits, cherries, dark grapes, broccoli, green and red peppers, and of course herbal teas.
  • BioPerine complex – This wonderful complex helps with absorption of nutrients and even supplements. It is also the primary immune defense helper by decreasing the activity of inflammatory response.



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