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Spring Slim Down Techniques

Lose Weight and Stay Healthy

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When spring comes along, we tend to cover up a little less and show a little more skin. It’s also the time we want to lose some weight and look our best. This is often the time we all jumpstart our into a healthier and more active lifestyle. This time of the year is when we try fad diets and anything that will help us boost our metabolism and get our bodies in shape.

Here are some tips that can help you slim down this spring:

  • Cut Soda/Drink More Water – Soda is often an extra way to cram in 200 plus calories in one setting and that’s if you don’t get a refill. These extra calories are usually not within the limits of your recommended daily intake. Try substituting with water to hydrate the body and keep all processes working efficiently. Drinking water is also a great way to keep you stomach feeling full, which curbs some of your hunger.
  • Don’t Skip Meals – Many calorie counters are always focused on the numbers, so they skip meals so they can eat larger meals later on. But, skipping meals causes your metabolism to lower by up to 30%, which canforskolin weight losslead you to overeat at later meals.
  • Get Variety – Make sure to eat a variety of foods. When you stick to the same foods over and over, your body gets used to it and begins have a lazy metabolism. If you switch things up it keeps your body guessing and stokes your metabolism.
  • Get Spicy – Often times our healthy diets are so bland that they are hard to stick with. Add some spice into your life with turmeric, cumin, cinnamon, orange zest, mustard seeds, and onions to give tons of flavor and none of the fat that you will regret later.
  • Supplements – There are several supplements on the market that can help you to lose weight. These are all-natural and something that enhances a healthy diet with exercise, but not a miracle pill that will cure you and automatically make you healthy without some work on your part.
  • Green TeaGreen tea extracts are helpful at losing weight and providing energy that can help your body burn fat and increase metabolism. This boost in energy is highly effective for workouts and fat metabolism. DaVinci Labs has a product called Green Tea 70 that is a green tea extract that supports proper immune function and liver and cardiovascular function. It helps to detoxify and can help with weight loss at the same time.
  • Probiotics – Probiotics are also another supplement that can help with bacteria in your gastrointestinal tract. They help with immunity, digestion, hormones, and central nervous system functions. Probiotics can help with energy homeostasis, regulation of appetite, and dietary intake. Fundamental Earth has a product called Fundamental Probiotic that has 12 active strains of probiotic bacteria and 25+ billion CFU per capsule and these bacteria our time released. This product can help with yeast infection issues, bladder infections, and can help with digestion that can help with weight loss. It is also a great immune booster for the body as well.


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