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What Supplements Should I Take?

Healthy Supplements for Life

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There are many supplements out there and it can be hard to discern the best ones for your health. Understanding the purpose of certain supplements can be the best way to determine if it something that may be needed in your life.

Here are some the facts behind the supplements:

  • Vitamin D – This is the wonder vitamin that is usually supplied by the sun. As times have changed and we have moved from working outdoors to indoors, many of us are not getting the vitamin D we require. Vitamin D is needed for healthy bones, which is accomplished through absorption of calcium from the intestines. Supplementing with vitamin D3 is the best way to get absorbable vitamin D that can help keep you healthy. Fundamental Earth has a product called Fundamental D3 (1000 IU). It has the ability to provide absorbable vitamin D3 to your body.
  • Calcium – Dairy used to be the best way to obtain the calcium you require. However, now that we have dietary allergies and lactose intolerance as we age, it may be hard to obtain proper calcium from a diet alone. Calcium supplements are a wonderful way to obtain the calcium your body needs for strong bones. DC Labs has a product called Calcium Citrate (950 mg). This calcium is one of the highly absorbable versions that can help with bone strength.
  • Vitamin B12 – This vitamin has been a source of debate. If you are a davinci-b-12vegetarian, you will definitely need to supplement this vitamin, as it only comes from animal sources. This vitamin is definitely necessary for heart disease and stroke prevention. DaVinci Labs has a chewable vitamin B12 that also contains folic acid. This supplement can provide cardiovascular protection that is always a bonus.
  • Fish Oil – Studies have continued to show the protective benefits of fish oil on the heart. It has side benefits of treating depression and inflammatory bowel disease. One product made by Fundamental Earth is called Fundamental Omega 3. This is a wild-caught fish oil that is mercury-free and also burp-free, due to enteric coating. It protects against heart disease and stroke and can help with weight loss as well.
  • Fiber – As we age, the need for fiber increases. Fiber is beneficial to keep you regular. Too much fiber can cause issues with hernias, varicose veins, and even diverticulitis. If you are choosing to supplement and not able to get all of your fiber from your diet, consider using a psyllium fiber that is also cholesterol lowering. One product that is helpful for fiber is called Psyllium Husks by DC Labs. This product improves intestinal health and can control weight.

Whatever your lifestyle, supplementing a healthy diet and exercise program with high quality nutritional supplements is a great way to help achieve optimum health.


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