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Metabolism Booster Ideas

7 Ways to Jumpstart Metabolism

Boost Metabolism

One thing that people want is a fast metabolism. This would mean they could eat whatever they want and never gain weight. That is unfortunately, not something that most of us have.

There are several ways to ensure that we keep our metabolism functioning at its highest and burning calories as we go throughout our day.

  • Calories – Some people cut so many calories that their body cannot even think about burning fat. This drastic reduction in calories makes the body store fat and you will get the opposite results you are looking for and a decreased metabolism as your body goes into starvation mode. Keep your calories in the expected range for your body and work hard to burn calories throughout the day and you will see a reduction in your weight.
  • Intervals – Don’t be boring in your workout routine, because boredom leads to a lack of wanting to exercise. Try and switch things up during your workout, by sneaking in a few sprints in your daily walk or a few flights of stairs. Switch the gears on your bike to a harder pedal setting for a block or two and give your body a challenge. You can burn more calories by switching up things in your workout and by using muscles you may have been ignoring.
  • Move – People that move and continuously fidget seem to burn more calories. Try to tap your fingers or shake your leg if you are sitting in a dormant position for too long of a period. This will help your body to burn some excess calories by partaking in extra movement and it shouldn’t be DC LABS Green Coffee Beantoo much movement that will cause you any fatigue throughout the day.
  • Water – Make sure to drink plenty of water and add some ice to it. The body spends a ton of energy making sure the water is heated to body temperature. If the water is colder, that requires more energy to heat it. It also helps to rev up your metabolism and keep the body functioning at its best.
  • Eat in Pieces – Many people swear by the 5 meal a day plan, versus the 3 meal a day plan. By eating smaller meals in 5 different portions, it allows the body to keep your metabolism fired up and doesn’t allow it slow down. If it slows down in between meals it tends to hang on to calories.
  • Protein – Increase the protein in your diet to keep the energy you expend at rest the same. It is known that as you lose weight you will burn fewer calories at rest, which is not what we want. Burning calories at rest is an added benefit of protein consumption and will aid in your metabolism levels. DaVinci Labs has a great protein product called Organic Brown Rice Protein with Probiotic. This product gives the body the protein it needs, along with probiotic to keep the digestive system and immune system performing at their best. It also helps with cholesterol levels and overall health.
  • Metabolism Boosters – There are some natural products to help your body boost its metabolism naturally. Douglas Labs has a supplement called Metabolic Lean that helps promote improved metabolism.


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