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Tips for Muscle Strengthening

How to Build Strong Muscles

weight lifting

Muscle strengthening exercises are important if you want to build muscle and increase the overall strength of your muscles and bones. It will help with everyday activities such as sprinting when in a hurry, climbing stairs, and lifting boxes. The best way to increase muscle strength is through resistance training exercises.

tips for improved muscle growth

  • Warm Up/Cool Down – Take the time to warm up before you work out to stay safe and to give the muscles a chance to wake up. It is also necessary to cool down after a workout. Walking is a great way to start your work out and get the muscles ready and stretching is a great way to cool down.
  • Take Time Off – Sometimes people go in strong and heavy when lifting weights. They tend to want to bulk up with long sets and reps and tons of weight. This is not ideal, as your body needs time to heal between muscle strength training. As you lift weights, the muscles will obtain tiny tears in the muscle tissues. The tears are not dangerous, but they need time to hear and that usually requires 48 hours before another strength session begins.
  • Keep a Routine – All major muscle groups should be worked on during a week’s time. You can work on one full-body strength routine a week or you can break it into upper and lower body workouts. It is important that each component of the workout occurs two or three times a week.
  • Keep Form – Keep proper form and keep a tempo to ensure you are not Fundamental Proteinstressing your muscles, but gradually working them in the proper motion. Counting from raising to lowering is a great way to ease into muscle growth.
  • Breathing – While working out, it is essential that you focus on your breathing. Exhale as you work against resistance by lifting your weight or pushing your weight. As you release, practice breathing in the air you need to start the next set.
  • Supplements – While working out, you will need the building blocks to increase muscle mass. One of those building blocks is called protein. Protein helps to build muscle mass in the body. DaVinci Labs has a product called Right Whey, which works to build muscle by providing branched amino acids. It also helps to curb carb cravings, which will help you to stay lean and strong. It also works to boost immune function. Whey protein is extracted from milk and provides the complete protein that your body needs to restore muscles after intense exercise. It also helps with fat loss and has a wonderful vanilla flavor.
  • Challenge – Consider challenging muscles by increasing weight and/or resistance. Finding the right weight means that your muscles are tired by the last two repetitions. If you can’t do the two repetitions, lower your weight. If it is too easy, increase your weight or add another set. Remember to keep proper form, so you don’t harm yourself while working out.


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