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Best Supplements for Healthy Hair and Nails

How to Improve Nail and Hair Strength

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Hair and nails are a symbol of health and attractiveness in many cultures and something that women strive to have.  Hair and nails are made of keratin, which is definitely necessary for the growth of beautiful hair and nails.  There are other supplements that can also help with keratin growth and hair and nail strengthening.

There are also tips that can help with the strength and growth of hair and nails.

  • Biotin/Vitamin B7 – This is a powerful supplement that can truly help nails and hair grow by helping to strengthen the keratin complex that is the basis of hairs and nails.  It is naturally occurring in the body and it helps to convert the food you ingest into energy.  A deficiency of biotin in your diet may be the reasoning for hair loss in certain individuals.  Deficiency can also lead to skin rashes.  DC Labs has a biotin product with 300 mcg that can help improve the health of your skin and the strength of your hair and nails.
  • Protein – Without protein, your body is not able to replenish nutrients in your body.  Hair is made up of 97% protein, so adding some protein in your diet can help promote hair growth and strengthening of hair and nails.  One supplement that may be very beneficial is DaVinci Lab’s Organic Brown Rice Protein with Probiotics.  This product will give the body all of the protein it needs to keep the body active.  This product has an amino acid profile very similar to mother’s milk.  The proteins work to help build muscles and strengthen all facets of the body, including hair and nails.
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids – This wonderful product is used to strengthen hair and make the scalp less susceptible to flaking, also known as dandruff.  DC Labs has an omega 3 fish oil with  coenzyme Q10 that helps with heart health and cell function in the body.  CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant that can mediate inflammation that can be the cause of many autoimmune disease and arthritis.  It can also keep fingernails from getting brittle, especially since it is rich with biotin.
  • Vitamin A/C – These vitamins are very important in collagen production in the body.  Vitamin C is important for helping with absorption of iron and vitamin A is important for the support of hair growth and a healthy scalp, which is the base for healthy hair. Dee Cee Labs has a vitamin C product called Buffered C with Bioflavonoids.  Vitamin C is often eaten in regular diets, but although it is highly absorbable it is also easily excreted and is not stored in the body.  This vitamin C product has 1,250mg and is essential for collagen support and red blood cell formation, along with antioxidant protection against free radicals.  DC Labs also has a vitamin A product with 10,000 IU.  This vitamin can help improve skin, immune system health, and even healthy vision.  Vitamin A is also a powerful antioxidant that increases the formation of lymphocytes, which fight against skin disease.


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