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Improve Health with Exercise

Top Quick Exercise Tips for Health

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Exercise can be hard to achieve when you see it as such a daunting task. Incorporating a few exercise moves at a time can help you get the benefit of exercise in small doses that will actually get done and not seem so unattainable.

Below is a list of a few healthy ways to get in exercise and get the most out of your exercise.

  • Newspaper pick up/Mail – If you are checking your mail or picking up your newspaper, make it a 5 minute event. Take a brisk walk up and down the street around the mailbox and get in a few exercise points for the day and you will probably feel refreshed afterwards.
  • Standing push-ups – If you are cooking dinner, do some standing push-ups on the counter as you wait for certain cooking activities to take place, like water boiling. They will tone your arms and shoulders while you prepare a wonderful meal.
  • Jumping jacks – Remember doing some of these on the playground? Well, they are actually very powerful with all of the muscle groups involved in the one activity. Doing this for 5 to 10 minutes can burn quite a few calories.
  • Dumbbells – Keep a set in various places in the house and pick them up whenever you get a chance and do a few reps. Maybe keep some in the bathroom, so right before bed you can get in a few reps.
  • Energy – Make sure your body has all the vitamins and nutrients it needs to stay healthy and provide energy to keep you moving throughout the day. One product, called Fundamental Daily by Fundamental Earth, can provide all of the nutrients you may be missing in your daily diet. It is a whole food multivitamin that has no artificial coloring, artificial ingredients, and is not synthetic like most vitamins.
  • Kid events – When you child has practice or an event, try and walk around the field or walk around the area where the event is taking place to ensure you get some exercise. Take five minute breaks and walk the stairs to get in some extra cardio. If you are stuck at a desk, you can also do some leg raises while you are sitting still.
  • Dance – Put on your favorite music and dance like no one is watching. Dancing burns a ton of calories and it will feel good and release endorphins at the same time.
  • Travel – When traveling at airports, take the time in between flights to walk around the concourse and get your circulation going again. This is a great opportunity to stretch and get some calorie burning steps in during your travel.
  • Stairs – Take the stairs whenever you have an option. Book hotel rooms on higher floors and take the stairs when able. If you have to take the elevator, do calf raises while you are riding. Every little bit helps when you are standing still. Try some squats while you are in the bathroom as well.


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